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In The News for Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Posted Jul 03 2019 8:14AM

·        U.S. Economy sets growth record – 10 years – without recession. That’s a lot of winning!

·        A new low in fake data. If the only way you can support an unsupported thesis is to change the data, you shouldn’t be surprised when no one believes your conclusions. This is ridiculous!

·        Nike has so far been immune to the “get woke, go broke” malaise that has beset some other companies that have jumped on the social justice warrior virtue signaling bandwagon. The don’t seem to have suffered, judging by their financial results, from their disgusting ‘just do it’ campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Their current surrender might be a bit more painful. Arizona has withdrawn tax incentives put in place to encourage the company to put a new facility in the state. As with Gillette, there will be no Nike products in my household.

·        Austin, TX goes from harmlessly weird to dangerously stupid by legalizing camping on city streets. Wait until homeless start camping on sidewalks in front of the homes of city council members.

·        It’s called “pulling a Warren.” Claiming to be Cherokee, contractors with white ancestry got $300 million.

·        Adidas foray into using artificial intelligence backfired hugely.

·        Auburn Police give Portland a lesson on how to handle the antifa crowd. Unmask them so their parents can recognize them on TV.

·        If you’re heading for the Dominican Republic, you might want to stick with beer.