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In The News for Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Posted Feb 17 2021 7:53AM

·       Maybe a good time to reprise a couple of old favorites. Ronald Reagan’s story of the Republican politician giving a stump speech and Bob Hope asking about Zombies.

·       Dr. Fauci, who can’t seem to pass up a camera, for some reason isn’t willing to comment on Gov. Cuomo’s foul-up.

·       Accidents in the workplace can really cause that Workmen’s Comp to skyrocket. 30 Taliban militants were killed during a bomb making class in an Afghan mosque. Just a wild guess, but I’d say they got a “F” in lab. Just asking…ever heard of anything like that happening in a Presbyterian Church? Neither have I. Needless to say, the pundits are working overtime. The word is that the class was held on an Afghan virtual meeting platform called Boom instead of Zoom where the platform features a “share scream” instead of a “share screen.” The six foreign national “experts” who were teaching the class also headed to the land of 200 virgins. They had been on the tenure track, but that’s moot, now.

·       Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s impeachment vote has apparently caused a rift in the family. That’s too bad, because he’ll probably be spending a lot of time with them after the next election.

·       Larry Kudlow calls bulls**t on Kamala Harris. Caught on live mike. Attaboy, Larry.

·       Media confused how the Dakotas are doing so well during the pandemic. Gee, could it be that they have competent leadership that has refused to go along with the economic suicide promulgated by all the Democratic politicians?

·       Dr. Copper, one of our foremost economists, seems to be predicting an improving economy.

·       Who would have thought it? What a surprise! Mayor Bettlejuice Lightfoot says “bail reform” has caused more crime.

·       Democrats vow to “follow the science.” That is of whichever union donates the most money