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In The News-Weekend Edition-Saturday, March 13, 2021
Posted Mar 13 2021 7:32AM

·       Scott Johnson does a very good job expressing my thoughts on the speech Thursday by our refugee from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. “Go to hell, you blithering phony.” Scott is usually a bit more diplomatic. Like a lot of us, I suspect he has reached the end of his tether. This article appeared in the Telegraph in Great Britain. “But He Hasn’t Got Anything On.” So far the U.S. media is pretending he has clothes on.

·       Count me as one. I have never wavered. One Year Later, Vindication For Lockdown Skeptics. Stanford Medical School Professor: COVID-19 Lockdowns are the ‘biggest health mistake we’ve ever made.  The COVID Panic Port Freaks Need to Be Shamed and Silenced.  

·       It is way past time to end this ridiculousness. It is time for the GOP to end Biden’s Capitol occupation.

The rest of the Republican Party must join with Gaetz and Boebert in demanding an end to the phony war around the U.S. Capitol. If they must, they should consider going further. Republicans should refuse to meet in a Congress that is occupied by a military force meant to terrorize their own supporters. A political party is only worthy of support when it looks out for the interests of its voters and of the country. And right now, by accepting the gross military occupation of the Capitol, most Republicans are doing neither.

Founding Fathers Strapped Down In Graves To Prevent Further Spinning.

·       Illegal Border Crossings Highest Since 2006. Our politicians who are allowing this should be prosecuted. Polls continue to indicate that most Americans are very much against this invasion. We’ll see how this plays in 2022. PANTS ON FIREL: Chuck Schumer Tries to Blame Trump for Joe Biden’s Border Crisis. He isn’t fooling anyone with an IQ over room temperature. More states need to join Texas, Arizona and Montana in suing the Biden Administration over their policies on illegal immigration. Even Mexico is blaming Biden.   

·       From ABC News no less. ‘The mess we inherited’: Biden leans heavily on Trump’s ‘Warp Speed’ but won’t give credit. Biden has guaranteed vaccine supply using Trump-era contracts. It would be encouraging if this were a trend developing in the media, but I’m skeptical.

·       It’s never too late to strive for sanity. Even Sarah Silverman Is Sick of the Democrats, Too.

“It’s the absolutist-ness (sic) of the party I am in that is such a turnoff to me. It’s so f***ing elitist, you know? For something called ‘progressive,’ it allows for zero progress. It’s all or nothing, no steps toward, all or f***ing nothing. Again, righteousness porn… I don’t want to be associated with any party anymore. It just comes with too much baggage. Every party. It comes with so much f***ing baggage that no ideas can be taken at face value. And without ideas, what are we? Without a common truth, how can we talk about it?”

·       Ted Cruz deserves an apology from Dick Durbin. I hope he’s not holding his breath. Yes, millions of illegal immigrants will be getting stimulus checks according to Newsweek.  

·       DOD doesn’t like being made fun of. After Tucker Carlson took them deservedly to task, they tried to go after him. They failed miserably. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, someone needs to go through the flag ranks in the military like Sherman through Georgia. If there is any place where diversity is not an issue and there is a need for massive amounts of testosterone, it is the military. Tucker’s response is worth watching. Here is the clip. I have heard from fellow veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces and they are universally aghast at what has become of our military as identity politics and critical race theory have permeated the upper ranks. Unless something is done, we’ll pay a heavy price at some point. This might give you cause for concern. In a recent war game simulation we didn’t fare too good.

Here are the results of a poll taken in February. Note the decline in confidence for the military.

Military Confidence.png 

·       Always loved the famous quote from George Orwell: We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. Not sure this is what he had in mind.

Striking fear into the hearts of our enemies.png

·       This is an issue that isn’t going away. The Courts repeatedly refused to consider Trump’s election claims on the merits.

·       Wonder why the media isn’t all hysterical over this “insurrection”? Must not fit their narrative. Antifa storm into banks in Portland; try to break into federal courthouse.

·       Oklahoma passes bill to grant immunity to drivers who hit protesters. Extra points if you drag them at least 100 feet. I’m proud to be an Okie form Muskogee.

·       Even woke companies have had about enough of Minneapolis. Target is moving out of City Center Building.

·       Meet NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny. Anyone surprised she is an NBC News apparatchik?

·       Cuomo has an idea. Invites all accusers to come forward and gather in New York nursing home.

·       What idiot among the many in the Biden administration keeps coming up with these ridiculous appointees?

Gun Show Bacon Fest.png

Gun Show Bacon Fest.pngGun Show Bacon Fest.pngGun Show Bacon Fest.png