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In The News for Thursday, September 24, 2020
Posted Sep 23 2020 8:54PM

·       There seems to be a lot of frustration over how long it is taking Durham to wind up his investigation. Many of are hoping to see criminal indictments levied against the treasonous malefactors. My own take, and I hope I’m right, is that it may be like the old joke about the dog trainer who claimed he had a bird dog that could not only point Quail but tell you how many birds were in  the covey. A prospective buyer took the dog out for a trial and sure enough the dog would go on point and them paw the ground indicating how many birds were in the covey. All was good until the dog went on point and then went over the hunter and latched onto his leg and began doing what dogs will sometimes do. The prospective buyer was outraged and asked the trainer what the heck the dog was doing. The trainer responded that there were so many effing birds in the covey that the dog could not count them. I fervently hope that is the position Durham finds himself in.

·       Mike Bloomberg might have stepped in a steaming pile in his offer to bribe convicted felons by paying their fines.   

·       It’s really easy to be a reporter in the mainstream media when all you do is rewrite the press releases from leftist interest groups. Our “Non-Partisan” Media At Work.

·       Worth reading for the parallels in behavior we are seeing now. Suicide Of The Liberals. Scary!

·       Great watch! Woman with stage 4 TDS goes ballistic, hits car in front of her while police are right behind her. Twitter lit up.

·       Psycho Rage seems to be the ‘new norm’ for some. This woman’s reaction to RBG’s death is beyond insane. NSFW. For some reason this calm, reasoned person deleted her Tik Tok clip. Can’t imagine why.

·       Here and there there is evidence that some sanity exists in academia. Let’s hope is starts a movement. Converse College professor publicly refuses to participate in mandatory Bias Training. We’ve seen it in corporations like Sandia Labs. Just Say No if your company tries to foist this tripe on you. USC recently had a totally ridiculous episode where a professor was punished for using a Chinese word meaning “that” which was pronounced “nay-ga”. After some black students in the class complained that it sounded like the n-word, the business school’s dean caved immediately. Now other professors have responded by showing a lack of confidence in the Dean. As I said, there are some scattered indications that sanity may be breaking out on a few college campuses.

·       This kind of flies in the face of the old Russia collusion canards that Peter Strzok keeps flogging on MSNBC and CNN.

·       A good, short article on Critical Race Theory and why it needs to be relegated to the trashbin of other fake intellectual gibberish.

·       Biden has made it one of his talking points to blame the President for the 200,000 deaths related to COVID-19. It’s worth noting that an Obama-Biden failure of epic proportions resulted in the estimated deaths of over 300,000 veterans. We’ll see if that comes up during the debate.

·       You might have noticed that Scientific American endorsed Joe Biden. It was the first time in 175 years on nonpartisan objectivity that they have done that. As the author of this comment says, “An editorial that begins and ends with lies is, by definition, not credible and unworthy of a ‘scientific’ journal.”

·       President Trump needs to watch this video.

·       Some news on the Wuhan Virus survival rates that you may not be seeing on the mainstream media. Wonder why? And this: Will the COVID-19 response be more deadly than the virus? Early indications sat yes.

·       ‘We Don’t Know Him’: Lobbyists nervous about Trump FCC nominee. I’d say that’s a good sign, wouldn’t you?

·       Undeniably True! If Trump’s children did what Hunter Biden did…You’d think that after four years of paranoid Russia collusion nonsense it might be big news that a presidential candidate’s son got $3.5 million from a Putin stooge. How shocking that the media seems so unconcerned. The same Democrat operatives in the media who spent millions of dollars pursuing a false narrative about President Trump seem to have no thoughts whatsoever on today’s Hunter Biden report. Shocking! As Andrew McCarthy says, “Seems like an awful lot of colluding…” I’m willing to bet that if Don, Jr. was in Hunter Biden’s shoes he would already be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Got a feeling this may come up during the debate if Joe actually shows up.

·       You’re kidding! Cruz: “Under the Constitution, members of the judiciary do not appoint their own successors.”   

·       There are some real, true crazies out there. I hope the Secret Service is on their toes.

·       No s***, Sherlock. I’ve had about all I need of Dr. Fauci.

·       Someone is leaving herself some wiggle room. Sen. Lisa Murkowski “clarified” her position on the process of confirming a new Supreme Court Justice. She seems to realize that while the dogs may bark, the caravan is moving on. Even Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have given up.  

·       We’re used to Biden’s handlers limiting access to him by now and it’s easy to understand why by watching any of his appearances. Kamala Harris, though, has not taken any questions from the press since becoming the vice president nominee and even the Democrat operatives in the press are getting fed up.

·       You can’t make this stuff up. The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, an active NYC based anarchist group is not happy that the Trump administration has designated the city as an anarchist jurisdiction. As I’ve said before, you just think it can’t get any more insane.

·       The McCloskeys seem to have figured out how to troll these nitwits. They had Christmas cards made out of their famous standoff with the protesters.