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In The News for Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Posted Nov 05 2019 8:12AM

·        Of course they did. “Mr. Biden can claim he was uninfluenced by his son’s employment. But his staff knew about the job. The Ukrainians knew. America’s European allies knew. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund knew…” Randy Barnett

·        When seconds count the police are only minutes away. Pregnant Florida mom dials AR-15 instead on 911 when masked, armed intruders broke into her home and assaulted her husband and daughter. One took the room temperature challenge.

·        No wonder they hate him. Trump is derailing the elite’s gravy train. Quote of the day: “So, let’s imagine that they finally vanquish Trump, though every time they come up against him they end up dragging themselves home like Ned Beatty after a particularly tough canoe trip.”

·        The Last Trusted Prosecutor in Washington. Let’s hope he has the stuff to do it right.

·        Two contrasting headlines. Dow rips to a record high, now up nearly 18% on the year. Let’s contrast that headline with one that has become the odious Paul Krugman’s epitaph. If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.” Thank you, Paul, for another of your insightful predictions. Does this putz still have an audience?

·        Back to back, the Gaffe-A-Matic continues. Within a day of telling Iowans he was glad to be in Ohio, Biden spent most of a talk with his back to the audience talking to a screen, thinking it was a TV camera. Grandpa Simpson is having a tough time.

·        In case you’re employed in Healthcare and worried about Elizabeth Warren’s hair-brained healthcare proposals, not to worry. You can always sell Auto or Life Insurance.

·        Rand Paul had a few choice comments at the Trump rally last night at Rupp arena in Lexington, KY.