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In The News – Tuesday, September 23rd Edition
Posted Sep 23 2014 7:00AM
  • Wow! Talk about pulling a Johnny Paycheck! Take this job and shove it! I ain’t working here no more.

  • Sounds like some Theravada Buddhist Monks in Thailand have been partying hard. Meth Monks arrested for smoking “ice” in Pagoda Room.

  • I suggested the new iPhone 6 and 6+ would be huge and the initial evidence bears this out. Sales top 10 million in first weekend. A magic profit machine?

  • I’ve been commenting on the record grain crops. Farmers face falling prices and a logistical nightmare getting crops to market.

  • Anyone who has known or read my musings for any length of time knows that I consider intellectual heavyweight Al Gore either a total fake or a stupendous idiot or some combination of the two. I find I’m in good company. Dennis Gartman had this comment in yesterday’s Gartman Letter.

    “HOW WRONG CAN ONE MAN BE: We are wrong a lot in our business, but as we’ve said time after time after time, there is nothing wrong with being wrong in what we do; the problem is being wrong and remaining wrong, and Al Gore is wrong… and he remains wrong. We say this in light of having come across an interesting bit of data recently: that from 1920 through 1949 on average 433,000 people died each year globally from “extreme weather.” That’s fallen to 27,500 per year recently according to the International Policy Network, due to better communications; due to better construction of buildings; due to better roads… better health care and due, despite Mr. Gore’s predictions, to demonstrably milder weather. We live in an age of stunningly mild weather. That’s a fact and it is irrefutable. Imagine then that this “death figure” has fallen by nearly 95%... at a time when Al Gore would have us believe that the world’s weather had become more hostile and the concerns over “extreme weather” have become more severe. How stunningly wrong can one man be? And how can he remain so wrong… and how in God’s name did he receive not only a Nobel Prize, but an Oscar too? We stand in awe, dumbstruck.”

  • The Kurds have figured out how to make the ISIS heathens cut and run. Play on their fear of losing out on their 72 virgins if they are killed by a woman. Brilliant!

  • Something tells me this ad campaign might elicit some comments.

  • Hmmm. No this is a tough one.

  • Okay. Enough angry posts for one day. Try this if you want to either be known as the neighborhood geek or you haven’t run into enough signposts lately.

  • Okay, here’s the set-up. You just got pulled over by the gendarmes and they found several kilos of cocaine in your car. Your excuse is that you were taking the car in for its annual check-up as a favor to the owner, a 91 year-old Venezuelan Roman Catholic Cardinal from the Holy See. Know the cops really bought into that one.

  • Well, there goes one of the world’s great fortunes.