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In The News for Thursday, November 10, 2022
Posted Nov 10 2022 7:55AM

·        Scott Johnson of Powerline has a good piece on the election. After Last Night.

What happened to the red wave? It was buried in an open grave. It began and ended in Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had a great night romping over Charlie Crist, an opponent who has distinguished himself by losing statewide races as a Republican, an independent, and a Democrat. Andrew Stiles gives him his due in the Free Beacon column “Charlie Crist Defends Historic Triple Crown Title.”

·        What about crime? Going back to this would be a good start. “Broken Windows” Revisited.

·        The truth about Black homicide. The number of Black on Black homicides in 2019 was 2,574. The number of unarmed Blacks killed by police was 8. Do the math.

·        This woman has lived to be 102 years old and credits Tequila for her happy life. That’s good enough for me. She celebrated her birthday with a Guinness and a table dance. She is obviously the model for Shelly West’s Jose Cuervo You Are A Friend Of Mine. They’re missing their bet if they don’t sign her up for a promo. Hopefully, she wasn’t the inspiration for Joe Nichols’ Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.  

·        An interesting thread on Twitter from someone who is not that optimistic.

 Some post-election thoughts:

1- Everything I have been saying about democracy was vindicated last night. The fact that such a massive number of people voted for more of the same after two years of horrific mismanagement shows that it is unfit to choose its own leaders.

·        When I was a teenager there used to be a public service ad that ran which said, “When You Get Busted In A Foreign Country, You’re In For The Hassle Of Your Life.” I think Brittney Griner has learned that and should be an example for anyone who feels like trying to fool customs officers who have seen it all. She’s just been moved to a Russian forced labor camp.

·        Apparently telling your constituents to “eat Chef Boyardee” if you don’t like Bidenflation didn’t sit well with voters. Rep. Mahoney, the DCCC chair, was knocked off by Republican Michael Lawler. In New York, no less.

·        I’m having trouble fashioning a rebuttal to Stephen Kruiser. The Morning Briefing: We’re Done – American Voters Are Idiots.

I worked on my first political campaign 38 years ago and I’ve never seen anything as baffling as what I witnessed last night. Do I think we’ve got fraud problems? Yes, especially here in Arizona.

What’s worse, however, is this: half of the country is brain-dead.