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In The News for Thursday, March 25, 2021
Posted Mar 25 2021 7:41AM

·       From Bank of America: The futility of trying to time the market. There are other studies that show the same thing.  

·       UFO’s break the U.S.’s current understanding of the laws of physics according to Luis Elizondo, the former UFO program chief at the Pentagon. The conclusion is that they are not only “real” but the information surrounding them is “compelling.”

·       Fact checkers are not going to like this MIT story about the origins of that virus from you-know-where. More and more evidence points to its having come from the Wuhan lab.

·       I mentioned this fact yesterday about CNN’s loss of viewers. I love Glenn Reynolds’ comment: In Churchill’s words, so far have we come, so far we have left to go.

·       The public is solidly against what is happening at our Southern border, while the political class doesn’t seem to give a flying you know what. 67% say it is a crisis. Of course it is. The administration doesn’t have a clue how to get it under control and they are steadfast in avoiding the steps President Trump took lest he get any credit.

·       Who could have scripted this one? Kamala Harris to speak at ‘Empower Women’ even with…Bill Clinton, and people have thoughts. As on commenter said: When I think about empowering young women and girls, I think of William Jefferson Clinton. LOL

·       Former Clinton Labor Secretary gnome and now Berkeley Professor, Robert Reich, knows the real reason we oppose D.C. statehood. One guess. Right again, we’re all racist. Wonder what’s wrong in Washington, D.C.? This cretin served under Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford before becoming Clinton’s Labor Secretary.

·       Trying to ease into the inevitable transition? The White House is reportedly urging staffers in all federal agencies refer to the current administration as “the Biden-Harris Administration”.

·       The Supreme Court is set to discuss case that could expand Second Amendment rights