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In The News for Monday, May 24, 2021
Posted May 24 2021 6:48AM

·       INFLATION: If you’re worried about inflation no being that transitory, maybe you should be. An interesting article on the three key drivers of inflation that are now clicking on all cylinders.

·       Taking a page from Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have been on an America First national tour holding rallies blasting Biden and destructive Democrats. They seem to be drawing good crowds. Maybe they’ve hit a nerve. Here’s the clip[JW1] . They’ll be in Dalton, GA this weekend, and I’m betting it will be SRO. Related: Trump is bringing back the MAGA plane from his 2016 rallies. Still living rent-free in the heads of his enemies[JW2] .  

·       The Demand for Racism in America Far Exceeds the Supply. I call total B.S. on this one.

·       What could possibly go wrong? A few trillion dollars here and a few trillion dollars there. Rand Paul suggests it’s time to ‘wake up’ to ‘profound repercussions’ of Biden’s spending binge.

·       Using the Courts effectively. Two Court Defeats For Racist Policies. Republican AG’s are also ramping up legal battles against Biden’s immigration policies. Or, more realistically, his lack of policies and totally feckless management of the situation. The Administration needs to be loading up C-130’s with illegal aliens and flying them directly back to Mexico. That’s an executive order I’d like to see[JW3] .  

·       More evidence that states need to come down on Social Media. Facebook doesn’t like for the “Squad” to be ridiculed. Total ridicule is, of course, what they deserve.

·       Why does this never seem to happen to Democrats? Mostly Republican ballots fail to scan in Pennsylvania county election.

·       Walgreens closes 17 stores in San Francisco due to “out of control” shoplifting. The local DA essentially invited shoplifters to step up to the plate by not prosecuting them. Thefts are running four time their national average for other stores and they are spending 35 times more on security guards than elsewhere. Look for other retailers to follow suit.

·       Great is Artemis of the Ephesians! An excellent article comparing the current crop of woke racial dialogue to events described in Acts 19.

·       Not surprisingly, Fauxcahontas gets it backwards on the Middle East.

·       Did CNN slip up and admit Biden’s presidency is a disaster. Sure seems like it. I’m sure it was just a slip and they’ll get back on message quickly.

·       We’re just losing count of all the fake racism. Every one of these things has turned out to be fake.

·       So we have come to a place in our political life where a substantial plurality of one of our major parties prefers an openly terrorist and genocidal organization to one of America’s staunchest and most important allies. Interesting poll that shows all 42.5% of all Americans blame Hamas, while only 12.5% blame Israel. Contrast this with the same poll that has Democrats showing a 38.5% plurality of support for Hamas, with 34.4% not sure who to blame.

·       This story was floating around all last week, but for some inexplicable reason it was pretty much ignored by the major media outlets. I’m shocked! Shocked! Ex-FBI Director Freeh gave $100,000 to Biden Trust and sought ‘profitable’ work with Joe Biden through Hunter.  

·       You got to give Monica Lewinsky credit for a good sense of humor[JW4] .

·       Left-wing media hack Brian Williams tries to take on Tec Cruz, fails miserably.

·       The week in Educational Insanity.

·       Amid all the recent volatility surrounding Cryptocurrencies, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers has said the could stay a feature of global markets a something akin to “digital gold.”

·       He should be. I suspect if is only a matter if time unless the authorities do what they should be doing. Former CIA Director John Brennan “concerned” about Antifa vigilantism. America has a history of citizens dealing with crime when the authorities don’t.

·       No surprise here for anyone with a modicum of common sense. Study: Texas reopening had no impact on COVID Cases, Deaths. This was inevitable. Over one-third of California restaurants will not reopen. Gov. Newson is learning that you can’t commit murder on your economy and then expect divine intervention to bail you out from your stupidity.

·       I’ve always though Frank Luntz was a fraud. Now one of his former executives confirms it. Wonder why it has to be an British tabloid to carry the story?

·       The Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act, otherwise known as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act, is a textbook example of the Swamp at work. I expect very few of you know the story behind this bill.

·       EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN SHOULD IGNORE THIS RULE. Marjorie Taylor Greene shreds warning she received from Nancy Pelosi after violating face mask requirement.

·       I’ll end with this SNL clip. Don’t know how they pulled this off. Very politically incorrect.