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In The News for Thursday, December 22, 2022
Posted Dec 22 2022 7:30AM

·        One of the wildest pro football games ever. As all-pro cornerback Patrick Peterson said at halftime with the Vikings down 33-0, “All we need is 5 touchdowns.” Maybe the greatest comeback in NFL history. Watch the 8 minute clip.

·        Biden’s cure for inflation? Hire more Dreamers. Really, Joe? This is what passes for sanity in your administration? Never in our history have we had a president more worthy of being impeached.

·        You expected something different? Congress up to old pork barrel tricks. Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina is shedding light on just what a disaster this omnibus bill is. Any Republican Senator who votes for it should be fired. Kimberly Strassel called it “one of the ugliest, least transparent bits of lawmaking I’ve ever seen.”

·        I know you won’t be able to unsee this, and for that I apologize. Knowing the careful vetting process the Biden administration uses for selecting their senior appointments gives me a great feeling of confidence.  

·        The New York Post originally broke this story which the FBI and Social Media sites frantically tried to cover up, interfering with an election and, quite probably, altering the likely outcome.

Similarly, the trusted media that drove the Watergate process to its rightful conclusion no longer exists in Washington. The virtual coverage blackout on Musk’s Twitter Files release is the latest in a long line of evidence that today’s largest newspapers and TV outlets are in the tank for Democrats. 

So what if the FBI violated the First Amendment rights of ordinary Americans? So what if the bureau was part of a conspiracy with intelligence officials to label the Biden laptop disinformation when it knew otherwise?

Generations of fair journalists, seeing themselves as patriots first, would have grabbed this huge, complicated story with both hands. Today, the evidence of FBI interference in an election is met with a media shrug because a shared objective was achieved: removing Trump.

Finally, consider this possibility: Because it has had the laptop and who knows what other sources and information, the FBI has known all along that Joe Biden is a corrupt president who is compromised in his dealings with China and America’s other adversaries. 

If true, there are two implications. 

We have in Biden, as John Dean famously said about Nixon, “a cancer on the presidency.” 

We also have an FBI that has returned to the ethos of J. Edgar Hoover. He kept his job for nearly five decades by keeping files of dirt on presidents, senators, members of Congress, the media and many prominent private citizens, such as Martin Luther King Jr.

Because of inevitable damage to our country, I would be happy to be wrong about the rough road ahead. Unfortunately, I fear the worst-case scenario is true.

·        I’m getting the feeling watching the FBI go on the defensive that the level of flop sweat on the executive floor of the HQ building is rising. My advice to them is the same advice Vinnie Gambini gave the FBI automotive expert. “Come on, you can say it. They know”. Great response on Twitter. LOL.

·        If hard-core criminals will roll over on associates for better sentences, it was pretty much a given that the others at FTX would be happy to throw Sam Bankman-Fried under the bus. The SEC has charged his ex-girlfriend and CEO of Alameda Research along with Chief Technology Officer of FTX Trading, Zixiao (Gary) Wang.

·        Meanwhile, Mr. Bankman-Fried has arrived back in the U.S. His reception committee is a little different than when he came doling out cash to Democrats and Auntie Maxine blew him kisses in the Capitol.

·        Can you even imagine how totally shallow you would have to be to compare Zelensky’s visit to Washington to Winston Churchill’s visit in 1941. Nancy Pelosi is absolutely execrable.