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In The News for Friday, August 4, 2020
Posted Sep 04 2020 7:54AM

·       Critical Race Theory and the War on Standards. Worth reading.

·       Whenever Joe Biden’s handlers bring him up out of the basement, they hold their breath. This explains why. He had prepared responses to some of the canned questions and struggled to locate and recite them. He had trouble with even some basic facts. Watching this train wreck is absolutely insane, but obviously indicative of how weak the bench is.

·       Joe’s trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin was an interesting comparison to President Trump’s visit. The media seemed to constitute most of the attendees. One reporter laughingly tried to make the case that the lack of enthusiasm for Biden was deliberate because Biden wanted to avoid a “circus.” As one commented, “Yes, everybody knows how politicians try to avoid the appearance of energetic support wherever they go. ‘Eye Roll.’” Biden was scheduled to meet with Jacob Blake’s father. You think anyone on his staff did their homework?

·       Don’t believe for a second that vote by mail has anything to do with social distancing. It’s all about trying to queer the vote and provide a basis for disputing it. Atty. Gen. Barr discussed this in an interview with the “fair and balanced” Wolf Blitzer of CNN.

·       Why don’t you just say what you think? Stephen Kruiser, in his morning briefing: Nancy Pelosi 2.0 Is a Desperate, Pathetic, Lying Witch. Rules are, of course, for the little people, not the elite. She actually had the gall to pretend to be a victim after he “let them eat cake” moment. Frustrated locals are hanging curlers and blow dryers on the tree outside Nancy’s San Francisco home.  

·       Media reality and reality reality are verrrrry different. Kenosha crowd cheers Trump while Dem politicians tell him to stay away. Judging by the immense crowds that lined the streets, it’s easy to see why they didn’t want him in town.

·       A roadmap for restoring trust in the media. Don’t hold your breath.

·       Not Satire. Really. The New York Times is worried about the safety of Portland rioters.  

·       This is a very interesting, and disturbing, story of how the Oregon court system has railroaded a journalist who was forced to defend himself. It now heads to the U.S. Supreme Court, but there is no guarantee they will hear it.

·       Feds Get Creative and Sidestep Portland’s District Attorney. Good move. On another note, this is a good article about the argument for using troops to enforce the law. It’s fairly complicated as Kurt Schlichter explains.  

·       If you’d like to see what an A-10 Warthog can do to a group of bad guys in a tree line, go to the 6:28 mark in this video.

·       I wish him nothing but the best. Attorney Lin Wood has Twitter account locked: “I’m going to take Jack Dorsey’s A** down.” Go for it and good luck. He has a good record.

·       I think this is a warning worth noting. The 1876 election is an example they draw on. It was resolved just prior to the inauguration. I hope the administration is prepared to respond as I believe the vote will clearly indicate a mandate to deal with these folks. As I’ve said, we’ve already seen the first thirty minutes of Death Wish, now we’re ready for the bad guys to get what is coming to them.

·       Watch this clip and then please, tell me more about how much BLM cares about black people.

·       No comment. We’ll see what develops. These rumors have been circulating for a long time.

·       As I suggested, it’s time Congress takes back control over Washington, D.C. Is there a single Democrat who will call out this insanity for what it is? Coming Soon To Our Nation’s Capital: A Comprehensive Purge.

·       It was just a matter of time. California goes all in on Diversity. California now requires companies to have at least one gang member on executive board