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In The News for Thursday, June 6, 2019
Posted Jun 06 2019 7:52AM

·        Nancy Pelosi tells her fellow Dems that she wants to see Trump in prison. Have these people lost their minds? Trump Derangement Syndrome is an ugly thing to be afflicted with. I expect to see a choice Tweet from the President.

·        President Trump was interviewed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. I enjoyed it. Piers, of course, had to try to steer the conversation toward climate change, but the President handled it well, I thought, as he did with Pier’s detour into transgender policy in the military.         

·        I suppose this was inevitable. A group of men who call themselves “Super Happy Fun America” are planning a parade in Boston to “celebrate the diverse history, culture and contributions of the straight community.” Anyone wanting to participate is invited to come as an individual or group and bring a vehicle or float to celebrate straight pride. 

·        Maybe they should have thought of this before they took a hard left turn. Laid-off reporters launch project to ‘Save Journalism’. Not all of them are worthy of rescue. Maybe they should be sponsoring workshops of learning to code.

·        Maybe Trump has Mexico’s attention. Migrant caravan met by Mexican police.

·        Some good questions are starting to be asked. I think we know what the answers are going to turn out to be. Why didn’t the Obama administration take any action knowing Russia was trying to wreak havoc with the election? And why wasn’t the Trump campaign briefed?

·        The British press seemed to give a totally different slant on President Trumps visit to Great Britain than CNN or MSNBC. How surprising.

·        Well, this should be interesting. Christopher Steels agrees to meet with DOJ. Steele is, of course, the British “spy” who formulated the infamous, and fully discredited dossier.

·        Exit Ramp: House Dems Mull Censure As Alternative To Impeachment. Stephen Green gets it rightAn easy prediction is that if the House does censure, the media will salivate over it as something unprecedented, staggering in its implications, the Democrats taking back the moral high ground, etc, rather than as the embarrassing walk-back from impeachment that it actually would be.”