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In The News for Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Posted Nov 24 2021 7:15AM

·       Shocker: Biden’s “Warnings” to Russia About Ukraine Fail To Move Putin.

Russia wasn’t poised to invade Ukraine when Donald Trump was president because Trump projected strength. Joe Biden projects weakness and incompetence, especially after the Afghanistan fiasco. Hence, the heightened risk of Russian aggression. Read the whole piece.

·       NBC’s tips on dealing with inflation. Just don’t invite as many people to Thanksgiving.

·       [JW1] [JW2] 3 of 10 Americans have no grasp whatsoever of current events. 3 of 10 Americans say country is doing well under Biden.

·       And finally, my favorite Thanksgiving clip of the big turkey drop from WKRP in Cincinnati. “As God is my witness, I though turkeys could fly.”