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In The News for Friday December 24, 2021
Posted Dec 24 2021 8:43AM

·       Biden In Brief. As Scott Johnson of Powerline says, “This is a bullseye.” Is it ever! Gerard Baker in his Wall Street Journal column, Biden Emerges as Progressive Government’s Mr. Bad Example.

It’s not too harsh a judgment to say that this is a man who has risen to the top of American public life without a trace of accomplishment. When you’ve been in national politics for almost 50 years, you ought to have achieved something, if only by accident. But this journeyman politician, when he wasn’t getting almost all the big issues wrong, was largely a bystander. He is now a husk of a leader, a dangerously debilitated figure, who oscillates between displays of vacuous incoherence and weird, angry outbursts, like a confused old man at the wrong bus stop.

Meanwhile, a heartbeat and a spine-chilling cackle away from the presidency, is another living rebuke to the idea that government is virtuous and wise. Vice President Kamala Harris has demonstrated, evidently to the alarm of much of her own staff, that she is simply another of Mr. Biden’s many mistakes—perhaps the biggest one yet. It is a dismaying state of affairs that we must all pray nightly for the continued health of an inept president to avert the calamity of a worse one.

Bullseye Indeed!

·       Taking his cue from Joe, Hunter has instituted his own vaccine mandate.

·       A black woman gives her assessment of Kamala Harris.

·       The Biden vaccine mandates will be going before the Supreme Court.

·       Kurt Schlichter: America’s Christmas Present Is All the Democrats’ Dreams Dying.

·       A rare non-woke decision from the Pentagon. Hope they stick to their guns.

·       Election Integrity has been an issue all year and a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that most Americans believe it affected the last election.

·       Kamala says she would be treated differently if she were a white man. No doubt. according to Ace of Spades. “Kamala, if you were a white man, you would be running title checks in a real estate office.”

·       Continuing to elect incompetent politicians has consequences. New York saw greatest population loss in U.S. this year, Census Bureau estimates