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In The News for Friday, June 7, 2019
Posted Jun 07 2019 7:51AM

·        Here is the President’s address at Normandy honoring those who fought on D-Day. It is, as Scott Johnson says, an eloquent and moving speech. If listening to it doesn’t stir your pride in being an American and confirm your belief in American exceptionalism, I have no use for you. God bless every one of these men.

·        I’ve read a lot of accounts of D-Day, but nothing as gripping and realistic as this one which clearly describes the horrors faced by the men storming the beaches that day.

·        D-Day vets gave President Trump a warm welcome at Normandy. Didn’t see this reported on CNN or MSNBC. Must have been a lot more important news to cover like Nancy Pelosi saying she wanted the President in jail. Just despicable.

·        Spies Are The New Journalists. "What's the difference between the Julian Assange and The New York TimesWashington Post or CNN?" It's a good question because all of those media outlets have published or broadcast highly classified material as Assange has been accused of doing. The media characters got Pulitzers, Assange got jail.

·        Get Woke, Go Broke. People are canceling Netflix and Disney – and the revenue losses are growing by the hour. Good. It hasn’t worked too well for Dick’s Sporting Goods or Gillette, either.

·        USA opinion piece by Glenn Reynolds“The new FBI information suggests Clinton is either criminal or criminally incompetent or both.” I vote for both.

·        Update on climate alarmism. “Statements like the following are increasingly common in popular media, academic journals, and political discourse: “The evidence that anthropogenic climate change is an existential threat to our way of life is incontrovertible.” Not so—not even close. From Instapundit.

·        Man identifying as 6-year old crushes game-winning homer in tee-ball championship.

·        Border crisis? What border crisis? This border crisis. Remember to tell your Congressman and Senators, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” As far as I’m concerned, their stance on how to deal with illegal immigration is the litmus test for anyone seeking my vote. 2019 is on track for 1,072,000 illegal immigrants. Harsh measures are called for. Mexico seems to be undergoing a sea change. Witness what’s now happening at their Southern border.

·        Related: Do you really want elections determined by illegal voters? Two studies indicate that roughly 3 miilion illegal voters voted in the 2016 election. Guess who doesn’t seem bothered by that?

·        I’ve had personal experience with this tripe. Federally Funded Study: Common Core Sunk U.S. Kids’ Test Scores. Glenn Reynolds comment is one I heartily recommend. “I’d like to see an experiment where students are taught math from a 1950’s era textbook, with the results compared to modern teaching.” I have no doubt what the results would be.