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In The News for Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Posted Jun 30 2021 7:11AM

·       A very good piece that should be taken to heart and used mercilessly against liberals. Beat them to the lead. Rules one and two are worth showing. They are so key.

1. Politics Abhors a Vacuum. Conservatives too often wait merely to oppose a liberal proposal, which leaves the initiative always in the hands of liberals. It is important to beat liberals to the lead.

2. Write the Resolved Clause. One secret of winning a debate is to decide up front what it is going to be about. Liberals seem to know this instinctively, conservatives all too often don’t—which means they wind up discussing what solutions to adopt, or not, to problems that the liberals have selected. This permits the left to maintain the rhetorical offensive, define the scope of possible action, and wind up getting much of what they want. Conservatives must avoid the trap of simply debating issues as the left presents them, and instead define the issue for themselves.

·       Sen. Kennedy on Crime. Always spot on with his unfiltered comments.

·       I briefly mentioned the scam the Democrats are trying to pull with their compromise on the “Infrastructure” bill. Here’s an explanation. Hopefully, Sloe Joe has been able to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.

·       Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs[JW1] , has been justifiably ridiculed and castigated for his comments on Critical Race Theory and his Woke approach. He should be immediately cashiered. It’s hard to imagine a man with 40 years of military experience could be such a dunce. It goes to show just how political you have to be to rise in the flag ranks. It was always an issue, but the bar was raised sharply during the Obama years.

·       So how are things going in the Navy. Here’s how based on this tweet from the USS Gerald R. Ford, (CVN 78).

·       This is hardly surprising. Americas have the lowest trust in Media of 46 countries surveyed. Check out the list. Embarrassing, but deserved.

·       More absolute bullsh*t from our Woke military. New Anti-Conservative Military Scheme Surfaces Featuring Bishop Garrison’s Dangerous Loyalist Kris Goldsmith. A totally malicous nitwit.

·       What a surprise! Affidavits Raise More Questions About FBI’s Role in Trump Probe[JW2] . If you haven’t figured out by now that the Deep State exists, you haven’t been paying attention. It is virtually an under the radar dictatorship. Not so under the radar any more. It needs to be dismantled thoroughly and re-populated from the ground up. Restoring America requires dedicated citizens to re-found our Republic.

·       More good news for the proponents of Get Woke, Go Broke. MLB Monday Night Baseball ratings crash 49%...

·       We are descending into hell led by a non-compos mentis President and progressive appointees who should be run out of town on a rail.

·       House Dem: This Harris border visit is a joke, you know  Yea, we know[JW3] [JW4] [JW5] .

·       Do we really want a President who we are not sure can find his way home after dark? Do we really believe he’s the one running the country?