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In The News for Monday, March 8, 2021
Posted Mar 07 2021 6:50PM

·       The Senate passed the mislabeled COVID Relief Bill, which they are calling the “American Rescue Plan.” The gentleman from Madame Tussaud’s, leader of the free world, came out of hiding to briefly struggle explaining what it was all about. He actually said the bill “will cut child poverty in half.” What have we done? Après Pelosi, Le Deluge.

   Today’s vote apparently signals the Democrats’ adoption of “Modern Monetary Theory,” which, as best I can make it out, holds that printing money creates wealth after all. The theory is so crazy that Paul Krugman won’t endorse it, and experience in places like Argentina and Weimar Germany would serve as warnings if anyone in the Democratic Party were paying attention. I am afraid we are all going to suffer the consequences of the Democrats’ improvidence for years to come.

   But for now, consequences are the last things on the Democrats’ minds. They are partying the only way they know how, by wasting your money and your children’s money at a pace never before seen in our history.

The Washington Post had this effusive headline: “Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty in defining move of presidency.” More evidence of peak insanity.

·       Some small signs that the tide may be starting to turn. It needs to accelerate. One sign will be more and more states going “Neanderthal.” I wonder if we’ll look back and realize that the cancelling of Dr. Seuss was peak insanity? Comment from a long-time reader: “Personally, I am just relieved that we finally removed that Nazi criminal Dr. Seuss from our bookshelves. I am hoping this will finally allow me a peaceful night’s sleep.”

·       As might be expected, this week’s Week in Pictures - Peak Stupidity Edition, addresses the above. Also, some honorable mentions for Gov. Cuomo.

·       While we’re talking about Peak Insanity…You might be surprised to learn that your grandfather who fought in the bloody battle for Guadalcanal wasn’t awarded any kind of battle ribbon for his service there. If you are a National Guardsman stationed in the U.S. Capitol to combat the coming insurrection, though, you may well get two new medals for your chest for that dangerous assignment.  

·       Some very good advice from a New Zealander. Nine Starter Steps to Save America from Socialism. He’s absolutely right.

·       California has nothing but bad choices ahead. Being California the odds are that you just replace Newsom with another progressive. Who would have thought that Walgreen’s would begin shutting stores in California just because shoplifting theft under $950 is a releasable misdemeanor? California has a lot more problems than just a feckless governor. He has been running neck and neck with Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Whitmer for worst handling of COVID crisis, but it’s now looking like Cuomo by a hair.

·       Speaking of Cuomo…Remember when the media was totally on board carry water for him? Great clip. Now the cancel culture is coming after Gov. Cuomo’s role model, Pepe Le Pew.  

·       Some news from Australia where they apparently have a real press.

·       Some good advice from McCall’s for women looking for husbands. LOL.

·       Just how bad are a lot of our public schools. You probably had no idea they were quite this bad. Our Public Schools: Worse Than You Can Imagine.

·       Wonder who bought and distributed these t-shirts? Who paid for the buses that made “caravanning” the 1100 miles or so from Mexico’s southern border feasible? Once, in the distant past, there were people called “investigative reporters” who were curious about questions like these. Those days are long gone. The principal job requirement of a reporter these days is a total lack of curiosity. Nothing to see here, move on, is now the reporter’s motto.

·       You may find this hard to believe, but in this day and time maybe not so much. Justice in St. Louis.

·       The NRA finally does the right thing. They’re moving to Texas from New York. As Davy Crockett said, “You all can go the hell. I’m going to Texas.”

·       As the insurrection narrative crumbles, Democrats cling to it more desperately than ever. Simply despicable. Every Republican Congressman should be joining Sen. Ron Johnson 24/7 to ridicule the continuing occupation of Washington, D.C. and the 12-foot fences topped with razor wire surrounding the Green Zone. We are a laughingstock to the rest of the world.

·       A new line of ‘woke’ lingerie. As one reviewer said, “too late to consent if he’s reading it on your panties.”

·       And I thought cancelling Dr. Seuss might be peak insanity. Now they’ve come for legendary lover Pepe Le Pew.  

·       Observing this rule has helped me cut down on a lot of reading. I immediately stop reading whenever a sentence begins with “Dr. Fauci says.”