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In The News for Monday, April 12, 2021
Posted Apr 11 2021 6:33PM

·       The Week in Pictures: Infrastructure Edition

·       Has there ever been a time when the world’s “elites” have been[JW1] [JW2]  either so incompetent, or so corrupt, as at present? One silver lining of the covid epidemic is the light it has shed on the quality of leadership in government, public health and media. The fiasco of leadership on covid is a daily phenomenon; here are a few current instances.

·       Really, Joe? So, in the next 10 years we might have commercial airplanes flying at speeds of 21,000 mile per hour or Mach 28? Someone might be confused, but we’re kind of used to that. So far, the White House hasn’t clarified Biden’s comments and the press seems to be conveniently ignoring yet another addled statement by “he who must not be questioned.” I know I’m really looking forward to my next 3-minute sflight to Washington, D.C. from Nashville. Heck, I might go by way of Los Angeles just to stretch the flight out to 15 minutes so I’d have time for a Scotch.  

·       Any Republican who allows this guy to be confirmed should be primaried. Biden has nominated an anti-gun fanatic to run ATF.

·       Another appointee who should never be confirmed. Biden’s[JW3] [JW4]  nominee to lead the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. Kristen Clarke organized a conference at which left-wing activists championed cop killers and backed releasing violent criminals.

·       The press is either spazzing in place or in total denial over the collapse of their narrative. Texas has ruined them.

·       Some comments on Biden’s executive orders on guns. Ghost guns? Yea, what a huge problem. And stabilizing braces for handguns? As John Hinderaker says, “…what is striking about these specific [executive] orders is how trivial they are.”  

·       I’m sure you must be surprised to hear that “No constitutional amendment is absolute.” Biden was, of course, referring to the 2nd Amendment, trying to justify his executive orders on gun control. I expect there are a lot of people who will be disconcerted to learn that the 13th Amendment may not be absolute. It is the one banning slavery. In another slip during his speech on his gun control orders, he referred to the ATF as the AFT. I guess it’s understandable that he could confuse the American Federation of Teachers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

·       An interesting comparison between our founding fathers and today’s youth[JW5] . You may be surprised.

·       More good news on our military. GAO report sees military readiness slipping.

·       Leave it to the Daily Mail to report what the WAPO and NYT won’t. What wasn’t in Hunter Biden’s book.

·       Related: Our feckless, negligent, fake media at work. MSNBC host totally confused by revelation that Hunter Biden laptop story is real.

·       Officer Chauvin’s knee was NOT on George Floyd’s neck and 8 other things you didn’t know about this case. The consensus of rational observers of the trial is that the Defense has eviscerated some of the prosecution’s witnesses. They even intend to call one back as a defense witness.  

·       A Random Act of Journalism. What an apt phrase. Today show, I’m sure without intending to, blew away the COVID Panic Narrative.

·       Tucker Carlson has some good advice for Jeff Zucker on how to end sexism at CNN.

·       Voter ID is Racist. Debunked in 60 seconds.

·       Look for more lawsuits like this as people get more and more fed up by all the diversity and woke bulls**t.

·       Now fonts are racist. As I’ve said, Peak Insanity is a process, not an event.

·       There seems to be a shortage of white supremacists, so black students are taking up the slack.  

·       More insanity from two doctors who teach at Harvard Medical School. Let’s allocate resources based on race and discriminate against patients to promote social justice. And you just keep thinking that things can’t get any crazier.

·       Prince Phillip’s best one-liners[JW6] . Some real beauties. Let’s just say he never really embraced the PC culture.

·       Tennessee’s answer to Joe Biden’s drivel on gun control. The state just enacted Constitutional Carry.  No permits required. Of course, to travel you still need a permit to take advantage of reciprocity.

·       Girl rushed to hospital for emergency gender reassignment surgery after showing up at school with a G.I. Joe.

·       Black Lives Matter Founder Cashes In. The management of every woke corporation that has donated to that scam should be cashiered by shareholders. She’s bought four houses recently.

·       This is the kind of lightweight that our president on loan from Madame Tussaud’s is appointing to key positions. What a woke idiot! CDC Director Rochell Walensky has declared that racism is a public health threat.

·       A real screenshot from CNN. Mr. Potato Head is triggered that Fox News personalities are not posting selfies of themselves getting the vaccine. Really.