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In The News for Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Posted Jan 12 2022 7:56AM

·       Biden was in Georgia yesterday to pitch the Democrats “Freedom to Vote Act.” It might be more appropriately named the Enabling Non-Citizens and the Dead and Allowing Multiple Votes By the Same Voter Act. He got somewhat of a rude welcome. The whole thing is ridiculous. Read Voting Rights, Liese, and Videotape. Does anyone really think that insuring voter integrity is anti-democratic? I think not.

·       I’m wondering if any of my friends in California might like some advice on the best places to live in Tennessee? California considering insane plan to double its (already high) taxes. As if U-Haul needed any more business. They’re already running out of trucks. What are they going to do when there is no one left to tax?

·       Andrew McCabe, who should probably be in jail, drops any justicpretense, calls for Feds to treat ‘Mainstream Conservatives’ like Domestic Terrorists. Hopefully, he will be called to task and perp walked post November along with his former boss.

·       I’d say this kind of answers the question, wouldn’t you? Ted Cruz: “Did any FBI agents or confidential infromants actively participate in the events of -19 January 6th? Yes or no?” FBI’s Jill Sanborn: “I can’t answer that.” Watch the whole clip. I expect there is a whole lot more that will eventually come out about the FBI’s involvement in Jan. 6th. Their refusal to flat out repudiate this would seem to me to be a tacit admission.

·       This guy is a hero to all husbands. Doctors say he should make a full recovery now that they have successfully removed the snow shovel from one of his orifices.

·       I don’t really expect a rematch in 2024 since I don’t believe Biden will run again. Should it happen, though, a new survey by Heartland Institute and Rasmussen indicates that it would be 46% Trump and 40% Biden. It’s starting to make the Democrats Trump Derangement Syndrome obsession look suicidal. As John Hinderaker says, …the Democrats hate-fest of the last year has been a colossal flop.

·       Some of the stuff that is starting to come out on the origins of the COVID-19 virus are very damning. The media suddenly notices the CDC is clueless. The rest of us have known it for almost two years.

·       Great story about the Philadelphia Flyers 1976 victory over the Red Army hockey team.

·       Gov. DeSantis trolls the libs with T-Shirt to raise campaign funds.