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In The News for Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Posted Oct 18 2022 7:51AM

·        Kind of sounds like someone may have had about enough. Jamie Dimon on “woke” corporations: “Investors don’t’ give a s**t.” You got that one right, Jamie.

·        The libs are having a tough time with Kari Lake and I’m loving it.

·        Love J.K. Rowling’s reply to a troll trying to cancel her.

·        The Week in Whoppers. Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions.

·        Can things possibly get any more ridiculous at the Pentagon? Pentagon equity chief praises book calling 9/11 first responders 'menaces' as she pushes for 'revolution'.

·        Not the best manners but perhaps a harbinger of what’s coming. Jill Biden booed during Eagles-Cowboys showdown.

·        From the New York Post, Joe Biden’s Saudi state of affairs.

 If Congress plays by the rules it followed during Donald Trump’s presidency, Biden committed an impeachable offense. And he admitted it on television!

The Saudis, speaking for the OPEC+ cartel, which includes Russia, understood what was being asked and said no, leading Biden to level his threats.

·        Top House Dems continue paying family members thousands of dollars using campaign funds. Mainstream media reaction: Nothing to see here. Move on.

·        I’m sure this is an isolated incident, or the media would be more inquisitive about it. Arizona Democrat sentenced to 30 days in jail for ballot harvesting.

·        The person who accurately predicted Brian Stelter’s firing back in June says Jim Acosta’s head will be the next to roll.

·        What the Worst Economic Predictions in History Can Teach Us about Economics. Wonder why the article has a picture of Paul Krugman. LOL. Remember what Will Rogers famously said, “An economist is just as likely to be right as anyone else.”

·        Modern Monetary Theory Isn’t Modern. It’s Antiquated. It’s also total bunk and Stephanie Kelton has no business teaching in any institution of higher learning.

Now, with the annual change in the Consumer Price Index at 40-year highs, this assumption has tripped on a landmine. To the proponents of MMT, however, this is a minor flesh wound. 

·        Am I missing something. Faux economist Jared Bernstein has been bragging about gas prices being down. I wonder if he has forgotten that they are up about 60% over when Biden took office. It’s what magicians call misdirection.