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In The News for Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Posted Jan 16 2023 12:08PM

·        Lying For The Hell Of It. If you’ve ever known a truly Pathological Liar, this is the definition. It’s pretty clear that Joe Biden fits the parameters of this diagnosis. He has a forty-year history of telling bald-faced lies, which the media has been willing to ignore for the most part. His speech Sunday at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta was a tour de force of him at his prevaricating best.

Biden’s speech puts me in mind of the title of Abbie Hoffman’s Revolution For the Hell of It. Does anyone believe the heroic self-portrait he paints as he walks down memory lane? And yet he persists. At this point he might be lying for the hell of it. It is certainly not a function of old age. He is a bald and inveterate liar — an Oops! I did it again kind of guy.

·        And this: Joe Biden Is Toast. We can only hope. It is starting to look like we may be seeing some leftist autophagy.

   I have thought that nothing will come of the Biden matter in itself and treated it accordingly. It nevertheless deserves the attention lavished on it because of Biden’s mournful judgment on the Trump matter in his 60 Minutes interview with the fawning Scott Pelley. Any sane person can now hear Biden passing judgment on himself in this clip.

   There is nothing funny about Joe Biden. Every day he remains in office he does incalculable damage to the country. The Biden matter is likely the least of it. He has dissolved our southern border, prioritized the climate madness, furthered the woke insanity, weakened our military, promoted a gusher of federal spending, and so on. His administration is shoddy and destructive. He is personally corrupt. Yet the vision of Biden passing judgment on himself is hilarious.

·        Loose Ends. The monument to MLK and Kamala’s Venn Diagrams.

·        Update: Notes On The Twitter Files (14-A). Schiff tried hard to have Twitter remove a post ridiculing Biden. To their credit, Twitter didn’t cave.

Schiff is a psychopathic fascist. Any idiot can see that the GIF was a joke, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to protect Biden from mockery. This is the tweet and GIF that Schiff et al. sought to have removed.

 Sloppy Joe is trending. I wonder if it's because of this. You can tell it's a deep fake  because Jill Biden isn't covering for him.

 — Nate's Liver – Commentary (@SilERabbit) April 26, 2020

·        The Paper of Record weighs in. Yet another stash of classified documents discovered during Biden’s colonoscopy. So far, classified documents have been found at four different locations. The White House claims that no record exists of visitors to Biden’s home. That defies logic and is not to be believed. See comments above about pathological lying.  

·        Kamala Harris arrives just in time for some comic relief. Try to decipher this word salad: “I think of this moment as a moment that is about great momentum, inspired by, yes, optimism; inspired by a crisis, no doubt; but inspired by also our collective ability to see what can be unburdened by what has been. And that’s critically important.”

·        The SCOTUS leaker investigation may be heating up and some clerks are thinking about lawyering up.

·        Wells Fargo is on my permanent restricted list. If you have accounts with them, you should find a new banking relationship.

·        Texas, Florida and Tennessee are in surplus. Meanwhile, California is looking at a deficit that could run as high as $22 billion to $40 billion.

·        Just think of Chuck Todd as a Democratic activist with a byline and you’ll be on target.

·        It’s the whole point of having a carry permit. You have no idea when, if ever, you may need it, but when you do there is no substitute. This mother luckily was armed and saved her child by threatening some ballistic therapy for the would be kidnapper.

·        Forget raw Oysters. The new aphrodisiac is Sex Coffee. Not sure I’m buying into this one.

·        Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), “long in the running for vapidest member of Congress, wants to make White people criticizing minorities a federal crime. In reality, pretty much every time she opens her mouth it is a crime against sentient thought.  

·        Instead of this ridiculousness being treated as legitimate news, it should be treated with the ridicule it deserves and anyone proposing it with a straight face should be roundly laughed at. San Fran’s reparations committee proposes $5 to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness. Right now, U-Haul can’t keep up with demand for one-way trips our of California.