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In The News for Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Posted Apr 20 2022 6:19AM

·        Maskaholics Anonymous. Show this graph to any of your friends who are under the impression that masks do anything at all to stop or slow the spread of COVID.


A federal judge has now ruled the mandates illegal and it appears that the politicians and bureaucrats know which way the wind is blowing. The CDC has, however, indicated that they will appeal the ruling. 

·        Jared Rabel is my new hero. How To Punk The NY Times. Just too good!

·        A little fact checking on the White House Easter Bunny. Wearing the suit was Meghan Hays who is responsible for limiting press access to Biden at public events over the past year. Read the post. This is our President. Being advised by someone while they are wearing an Easter Bunny costume.

·        Today’s News Of The Obvious, Red States top Blue States for low taxes and best economies. From Art Laffer and Steve Moore. Wonder which state leads the pack in the bottom ten? New York. What a surprise.

·        John Hinderaker o Powerline is frequently a guest on Australian television. Here is a recent appearance: Gerontocracy, Gender Confusion and Where To Put Illegal Aliens

·        A new entry for the annals of leftist lunacy. From Matt Yglesias: Medieval peasants had no student debt, no medical bankruptcies, and never had to worry about high gas prices. What went wrong? Capitalism. Yea, those peasants really had it good, didn’t they?

·        Another happy ending to an attempted New Orleans carjacking. I like seeing anything that makes carjacking a more hazardous occupation.

·        I suggest you go to the 15:20 mark and listen to the last minute of this Tucker Carlson segment.

·        Biden hits the campaign trail or Democrats. Welcomed like Pepe Le Pew.