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In The News for Monday, October 5, 2020
Posted Oct 05 2020 7:10AM

·       The big news that the President and First Lady had tested positive for the Wuhan Virus dominated the airwaves. As expected, some of the comments from the TDS sufferers were what you’d expect like this one from former Obama White House staffer and Hillary spokeswoman Zara Rahim. Typically classy response. Disgusting. I watched yesterday’s press conference with the doctors, and they indicated that the President could be sent home within the next few days. The press was aptly called by one observer “a pack of hyenas.” That was my opinion from watching it. In an industry full of loons, Gabriel Sherman of The Atlantic takes the cake for looniest of the loons. We’ll end with this article from the paper of record. Governor Cuomo Generously Offers To Admit Trump To New York Nursing Home.  

·       An interesting comment on polls. The outcome is obviously affected by how you weight your sample, and I think we can all agree that the media has a vested interest in skewing them a certain way. A recent Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll for the Presidential election showed a different outcome than the ones being hyped by the media. It was 46% Trump/45% Biden. Interesting. Base on purely anecdotal evidence that served me well in the 2016 election, I think the polls are showing a much closer race that is likely.

·       The media is obsessed with trying to turn the narrative from the violence of the left, amply demonstrated in several cities, to non-existent worries over “white supremacy” which has not been an issue. Their questions to President Trump are essentially like asking someone if they have quit beating their wife. For the record, the example that Chris Wallace used, The Proud Boys, is not a white supremacist group. It is multi-racial  and has white, black, Asian and Hispanic leaders, hardly the make-up of a white supremacist organization. They are an anti-Communist and anti-anarchist as are most of us and are considering suing Joe Biden for libel.  

·       Sen. Johnson went into more detail about Hunter Biden’s shaky Ukraine dealings. It’s not like the mainstream media is covering it[JW1] .

·       What happens when a woke philosophy runs into reality? A prison abolitionist, Ayelet Waldman, who lives  in Berkeley, CA was attacked in her bedroom. As you might imagine, it caused her to reexamine her feelings about things. Most intelligent people will find her ramblings and self-examination absolutely mind boggling.

·       I’ve been kind of expecting something like this. Hope it’s true. Rumors in D.C. legal circles say a member of Mueller’s team has flipped for Durham. There may be hope for those of us who want to see Weissmann perp walked.

·       Chris Wallace needs to remember the “first rule of holes.” When you’re in one, stop digging.   

·       Not sure where his number came from. Probably where he’s pulled others from. Biden said 6,114 military service members had died from COVID. The real number is 7. The stats hold a surprise: Lockdowns May Have Had Little Effect on COVID-19 Spread. That is, as you are aware if you are a regular reader, the opinion I have had since day one.u

·       The odds that the Republicans keep a Senate seat in NC just went up.

·       I’ve been talking about this for months. If borne out, it is a true game changer. Trumps support from Hispanics and Black voters has skyrocketed.

·       BLM/Antifa Disrupt Trump Rally in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills? Rob Reiner and Bette Midler must be spazzing in place.

On Friday President Trump announced that Larry Elder and Tom Fitton would be appointed to positions in his administration. Two great appointees that will absolutely trigger the liberals.