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In The News for Friday, November 5, 2021
Posted Nov 05 2021 6:49AM

·       McAuliffe blames loss on low 3AM ballot turnout.

·       More on the payoffs to illegal immigrants. I might have known the ACLU was somewhere in the woodpile and they intend to pursue settlement. NOT ONE DIME should be paid to those who break our laws. I recommend payment in kind in the form of bus or airplane tickets home for every single one.

·       Remember how the Georgia voter laws were supposed to be Jim Crow 2.0 and an attempt to suppress the vote? Fantasy governor Stacy Abrams has railed against it and the MLB folks moves the All-Star Game. In Tuesday’s mayoral election in Atlanta, the turnout was 150% higher than it was four years ago. Haven’t heard from Stacy or the other Chicken Littles and the media. Wonder why?

·       More from John Durham. Let’s hope this is just the first shot. He seems to be getting closer and closer to the source.  

·       Loose Ends. If Rachel Maddow is an example, they just don’t get it. Not complaining, though. We still have November 2022 to look forward to.