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In The News for Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Posted Aug 18 2021 7:49AM

·       Tucker Carlson: We are led by buffoons, everything they touch turns to chaos

·       President Biden’s initial speech on the Afghanistan withdrawal is coming in for more and more criticism[JW1]  and the initial polls are not encouraging. To the extent possible, his handlers are trying to shield him from even his friendly press lest he have the opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth. The more his words are parsed, the harsher he is being treated.  

·       America’s Suicide Attempt – The Sequel. A harsh look at our feckless decision makers.

·       The spirit of Baghdad Bob pervades every corner of the White House. Slow Joe passes the buck.

·       If the Democrats were to use the 25th amendment they would lose their majority in the Senate.

·       Brian Williams is, of course, a pluperfect lightweight. Don’t think this is what he expected[JW2] .

·       Gee, I wonder what his first clue was? Obama Defense Secretary says Biden doesn’t have his act together.

·       The Democrats and their front man, Joe Biden, have had a fairly disastrous week. Now comes rumors that U.S. Attorney John Durham may be on the verge of seeking indictments and issuing a report. We can only hope.

·       This isn’t satire. Biden’s homosexual spokesperson demands Taliban form an “inclusive and representational government.” Just a wild guess, but I kind of expecting the University of Kabul to drop the gender studies program and fire the LGBTQ dean.

·       India has had great success blocking the COVID-19 Delta Variant using Ivermectin. Why is this such a closely guarded secret by the CDC and NIH?