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In The News for Thursday, September 23, 2021
Posted Sep 23 2021 7:38AM

·       ‘Wrong Way’ Biden flies the nation into yet another crisis. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” – Barack Obama.

·       IN OTHER WORDS, THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS STILL LYING TO US.  Of course they are. You expected otherwise?

From AP:

Haitian migrants camped in a Texas border town are being released in the United States on a "very, very large scale," undercutting the Biden administration's public statements that the thousands in the camp faced immediate expulsion, U.S. officials say.

— The Associated Press (@AP) September 22, 2021

More on this disgusting state of affairs. They are lying through their teeth. His own former border chief is damning in his criticism. Let’s be absolutely clear about something. These Haitians are not fleeing Haiti. They have been in Chile and Brazil for the last few years, not Haiti. WHAT IS GOING ON AT OUR SOUTHERN BORDER IS INSANE. And Jen Psaki informs us that most of them are not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. Really? They’re just passing through? On their way to where? As I’ve said before, they think we are all stupid.

·       And this[JW1] …because the honor system has worked so well in the past.

·       An Iowa poll may have implications nationally. It shows Biden’s

·        approval rating at 31%, lower than the lowest recorded for President Trump. By a ratio of 2:1 Iowans disapprove of Biden’s performance as president.

·       WATCH THIS. It’s only 6 minutes long. For those of you who don’t want to watch or read the longer explanations of the science behind how to deal with the Coronavirus. You are getting bad advice from the CDC and the NIH. In case you missed it, they changed the definition of “vaccine.” A vaccine is by definition supposed to make you immune. The COVID-19 vaccine obviously doesn’t do that, thus the necessity to change the definition. Israel is already having breakthroughs on the third booster shot. Here’s another clip, about 25 minutes, that is very interesting and may change your opinion of the vaccines[JW2] . Bottom line, you aren’t getting good information from the government. There is a reason we’ve never had a Coronavirus vaccine before. The current vaccine is what is called a “leaky” vaccine. The virus is mutating and the vaccine is becoming less and less effective. Natural immunity is far and away the best. Finally, from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon.       

·       If there is a silver lining in any of this disgusting mess foisted on us by an incompetent president, it is that it could relegate the Democrats to the The back bench for a long time. The race is on to see what Biden obliterates first: his country or his party.

·       A grateful refugee plots to bomb Pittsburgh church. Reaping the rewards of a ridiculous immigration policy.

·       The[JW3]  White House staff really, really doesn’t want Biden answering questions. Hard to blame them. Biden’s aides don’t want him to speak. And the frenzy they[JW4]  display whenever it appears that Biden might have to talk without a script tells us they think he is incompetent. The whole thing was unbelievable as Boris was in mid-sentence.  

·       Interesting. The stories behind 20 inventions that changed the world. Just scratching the surface.

·       The 25 best Weekend Update jokes of all time.

·       So you think smugglers focus on guns and drugs? Don’t make me laugh. The smart money is into KFC chicken[JW5]  smuggling.

·       The Dunning-Kruger Effect. Very prevalent these days. Thinking you are smarter that you really are.

·       The FBI is in crisis. It’s really hard to solve crimes you didn’t make up yourselves.

·       Joe might have misunderstood the chants that have been breaking out all over the country at football stadiums. LOL.