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In The News – Thursday, August 21st Edition
Posted Aug 21 2014 7:00AM
  • The news yesterday had me in a blur funk and I really didn’t want to pen a screed that would be a full page rant, so I elected to hold my piece. I’m better now. Still PO’ed about a lot of stuff, but able to discuss it without foaming at the mouth so here is today’s version of In The News.

  • The question has arisen whether the volume trading in “Dark Pools” is reported in the NYSE volume and if it is not then are the volume statistics as relevant as they have been in the past? To the first question, this article from about a year ago would indicate that the volume traded in “Dark Pools” is not reported in the consolidated volume statistics. By definition it is volume traded away from the NYSE. There is no question that having access to the total volume traded would be a great data item to have access to. I don’t think that the lack of it negated the importance of the data we do have. It still lets us see trends and whether volume is up or down compared to the previous day and whether it is showing accumulation or distribution.

  • I firmly believe that the ridiculous indictment of Gov. Perry will cost the Texas Democratic Party dearly. It is what is becoming known as “lawfare”, the politicized use of law to target those with whom you disagree politically and threatens democracy through the manipulation of laws. This interesting piece of news came out yesterday. I’d like to see someone disbarred or at least censured over this miscarriage.

  • I don’t have any plans to retire, being what’s known as an OFWYC. That stands for Old F#*t With Young Children. This guy, though, has all of us beat. He’s 101 and still working four days a week at Capitol Lighting in New Jersey.

  • As more and more information comes out on the shooting in Ferguson, MO that has resulted in several nights of violence and rioting, it appears that the original narrative needs to be drastically revised. See this. I can assure you if someone broke the orbital bone around my eye socket and I could reach my firearm, there’d be a shooting. The autopsy confirms that Michael Brown was shot in the front, not the back as some claimed. This was following a recorded robbery of a local convenience store, sometimes called a Stop and Rob, in which he roughed up the proprietor. I’m also not at all sure that the incident calls for the intervention of our thoroughly politicized Justice Department at this point. It certainly doesn’t appear that any federal crime was committed. Eric Holder has assured the people of Ferguson, “The full resources of the Department of Justice have been committed to the investigation into Michael Brown’s death. This inquiry will take time to complete, but we have already taken significant steps. Approximately 40 FBI agents and some of the Civil Rights Division’s most experienced prosecutors have been deployed to lead this process, with the assistance of the United States Attorney in St. Louis. Hundreds of people have already been interviewed in connection with this matter. On Monday, at my direction, a team of federal medical examiners conducted an independent autopsy.

    Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal had a perceptive comment.

    But even if Wilson is at fault — and I am well aware that policemen can be trigger-happy and that, in a crunch, they can easily get rattled, misjudge, and overreact — what happened in Ferguson that night (as opposed to succeeding nights) was, from a political perspective, inconsequential. As Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal courageously points out in the video posted below, African-Americans make up 13% of the American population and 50% of the homicide victims, but very, very few of the African-Americans who are killed in this country die at the hands of white policemen. In fact, 90% of the African-Americans who are murdered in the United States are murdered by their fellow African-Americans. What happened in Ferguson was a relatively rare event that may or may not tell us something about Darren Wilson and the police force of St. Louis County. But it tells us nothing about white racism in the nation as a whole and next to nothing about discrimination against American blacks.”

    Meanwhile, here’s a middle school teacher who needs a good caning right before they are fired and barred for life from teaching.

  • More on the militarization of our police. It’s out of hand, but as long as the Federal government is handing out these expensive toys for free, police departments will be lining up to get them.

  • I don’t usually link to “touching” things I run across on the internet or that people send me but occasionally I see something that I think is worth sharing. This is one of them. What a kid!