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In The News for Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Posted Jan 13 2020 8:24PM

·        The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s monthly Wage Growth Tracker shows that Americans are making more money, particularly those who have been forgotten for decades. Don’t think that fits the liberal’s narrative.

·        If you live in Los Angeles and were worried about having to live next door to Meghan and Harry, you can relax. She has indicated that she plants to move there, but only after President Trump leaves office. You should be OK for four or five years. You might recall that she threatened to move to Canada back in 201 if he defeated Felonia von Pantsuit. “Threatened?”

·        You’ll recall the media’s meltdown and the Democrats call to arms when President Trump criticized Baltimore. Saturday, in just one day, there were 12 people shot, five of whom were killed. How dare the President criticize such garden spot like Baltimore. It’s like Mayberry, isn’t it?

·        If you’ll remember, we have been in favor all along of the President’s approach to dealing with China and suggested that we were in the driver’s seat and that we were much more important to China than they were to us. The Wall Street Journal admits U.S. economy sailed through trade war with ‘barely a scratch.’

·        Yoko Ono: I broke up the Beatles. Meghan Markle Windsor: Hold my beer.

·        Dan Bongino speaking of Nancy Pelosi: This is a deeply troubled woman who has been relegated to trafficking in discredited conspiracy theories in order to try and save her tattered reputation. Watch the clip. He is spot on right. Go to the 5:45 mark to see just how unhinged she is. Nancy Pelosi, master strategist? Britt Hume throws cold water on that one.

·        I personally prefer the word “unmitigated delight”. I’m running low on popcorn. Judge Jeanine: Public humiliation of ‘Pelosi and her Democratic caucus’ is ‘an embarrassment to watch.’

·        The FISA Court has to go. The appointment of David Kris to serve as amicus curiae to the FISA Court has been roundly, and correctly, lambasted.

·        Holy Cow! This guy in 91 and still doing one-armed push-ups. Well, they’re not exactly perfect form, but for Pete’s sake, the guy is 91. Makes the rest of us look like girly-men.

·        Iranian protesters let loose with Soleimani hate. The American media and some of the Democrats had turned him into “Grandpa Freakin’ Walton of Iran.”  MSNBC’s resident leg tingle compared him to Elvis and Princess Di. Of course, the best meme to come out in the last week is not such a meme after all, is it? From Issues and It’s clear now to Dems that Soleimani strike was a Trump slam dunk. In politics, you know you’re winning when your enemy’s talking points are limp, convoluted and nitpicking. And this from Iran. When you love and respect Soleimani so much that you climb a pole to kick his image in the head and everyone cheers

·        Related:  Iran State TV’s anchor resigns, apologizing for lying to his countrymen for 13 years. Chris, Wolf, Rachel, Brian, Jake? Are you guys paying attention?  

·        A Galapagos giant tortoise is returning home after doing his duty. He said it was tough, but someone had to do it.

·        Now that’s what I call diversity. There will be more billionaires on stage at the next Democratic debate than black people.

·        It’s Tuesday and time for the Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for this week.

·        Gee, what a surprise! Greta Thunberg’s Facebook posts may not be her own. You mean someone is using her as a front? I feel like Inspector Renault, I’m just shocked…shocked. Her father and a climate activist from India, Adarsh Prathap, are the authors.

·        Cory Booker who could never rise above single digits has called it quits. Nick Searcy had the perfect tweet. Spartacus Departacus.

·        Mr. Rogers: Children, can you spell FRACKING? How the Oil Market learned to live with a Middle East in flames.

·        Just in case you know someone who has forgotten or is unaware of what a pluperfect lunatic Bernie Sanders is, you might revisit this from his gubernatorial campaign in 1976. Bernie suggested the U.S. government was behind a series of domestic bombings. This clip is a must see for anyone who harbors the slightest notion that Bernie is anything but a communist. The 15-minute video book of Bernie.

·        You have to start making an example of leakers and lawbreakers somewhere, and this seems like as good a place to start as anywhere. Hopefully, it is just the first of a long litany of miscreants being brought to justice.

·        Great headline. Doddering Old Fool Pulls Ahead of Other Doddering Old Fool. LOL.

·        CNN reporter freaks out at Iranian demonstration.

·        I’ll end with some great nostalgia. The humor of Ronald Reagan