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In The News for Monday, May 2, 2022
Posted May 02 2022 7:06AM

·        If you had any doubt that Tucker Carlson was circling over the right targets, that doubt was removed. The New York Times put out part I of a lengthy hit piece on Saturday.  Tucker’s reaction? Here it is.

·        Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (5). It could be an extinction event for the Democratic Party If these polls are correct.

·        An absolutely hilarious takedown of Kamala Harris by Ammo Grrrll. Kamala’s Race To The Bottom Of Space.

·        How Much Longer Can This Go On? It isn’t getting any better, is it? You keep thinking it can’t get any worse, but you are proven wrong daily.

·        The media continues to do its part.

·        Democrats disappointed with voters’ lack of gullibility. They seem to believe that high gas prices are Joe Biden’s fault. Rasmussen Poll.

“Who bears the responsibility for higher fuel prices?” Rasmussen Reports asked.

Biden                          51%
Putin                           15%
Oil companies           26%

·        A potentially huge medical breakthrough that could eliminate the need for anti-rejection drugs in transplants.

·        The Russia/Ukraine conflict is proving to be a testing ground for some new drone technology. Here is an explanation of the new Switchblade Drone we have been supplying to the Ukrainians. Let’s hope these things don’t become ‘self-aware’ like in The Terminator.

·        From the RNC – a must have for mowing your lawn this summer.

·        Biden is doing his best to stuff the judiciary. Republicans should absolutely refuse to go along. Sen, Kennedy exposes the latest.

·        Reclaiming the Narrative From the Media: Part 2.

·        Trouble in Paradise? Doesn’t look like Slow Joe and Kamala have much of a working relationship or much regard for each other. This: GOP Senators shocked over meeting where Biden snapped, dismissed Kamala Harris.

·        Trying to find a picture of our new head of the Ministry of Truth. Finally found it.

To be kind, it turns Biden’s New ‘Ministry of Truth’ Director Turns out to Be a Raving Lunatic. She has been so thoroughly ridiculed, so far, that I can’t imagine she will be able to serve.

·        Former Rolling Stone Editor: The Liberal Media’s Campaign of Protecting Joe Biden Is Beyond Absurd. What an understatement.

There’s only so much you can sweep under the rug, and even if you cover it, the stench of the crap fills the room. It’s unavoidable. Joe Biden and his son did dirty deals. The emails shine a light on this web of deceit and corruption. Recently, we learned that Modest Joe is rolling in it with $5.2 million in undisclosed income. So many questions will rope in Hunter Biden and eventually lead once again to the emails on his laptop and the deals that were reportedly hashed out. 

You can’t keep this game up forever, guys. 

·        Disney just fired its Corporate Affairs chief. He lasted three weeks. The apparent fall guy for Disney CEO Bob Chapek and previous CEO Bob Iger.

·        Biden ready to help fellow Democrats on campaign trail as most of them do their imitation of the cat being wooed by Pepe Le Pew.

·        Hot off the presses. Jill Biden’s biography sold 250 copies in the first week. My guess is they are all in her trunk. I can’t imagine a biography much less compelling.

·        The Countless Failures of Big Bureaucracy. I encourage you to read this if you want to see just what bad shape we are in. The Defense Department is a total case of FUBAR and we all know someone needs to go through the FBI and CIA like Sherman through Georgia.  

·        Hope the RNC was watching. There is a powerful campaign ad here with Biden laughing as Trevor Noah tells him he doesn’t know why people are so hard on him since everything is up since he came into office…Gas, Rent, Food, Everything. Biden just laughed.

·        Just a reminder…Putin isn’t the reason for high gas prices. In case you’re low on stickers.