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You Be The Judge: Sane or Insane?
Posted May 21 2019 10:37AM

This is only a small sampling of the headlines out there (by the way, there are at least a few sane ones just to keep you honest)

·        Hillary calls for China to hack Trump.

·        Code Pink tells Venezuelans to accept Maduro.

·        Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams “older male GOP member”…who is actually a Democrat working with her.

·        Hillary’ loss being blamed on Jon Stewart. You can’t make this stuff up.

·        Annals of Leftist Autophagy: Petition demands Brie Larson be replaced with gay woman of color in “Captain Marvel.”

·        Lindsey Graham 2.0: Lindsey Graham calls someone’s bluff. Question for Mueller.

·        Google employees cheer firing of black woman.

·        Bernie’s ten-day honeymoon to the Soviet Union. “Let’s take the strengths of both systems.”

·        Bill De Blasio announces 2020 presidential run this week. #24.

·        Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms makes me enjoy playing with the kids. I’ll bet it does.

·        Ticket prices for Bill and Hillary’s 13-day tour have been going for as little as $20 on Groupon.

·        Eric Swalwell actually Tweeted this: “Do you know how many times the word “Woman” is mentioned in the Constitution? Zero.” Jon Gabriel’s answer to him was, “Do you know how many times the word “Man” is mentioned in the Constitution? Zero.” This one wasn’t really fair. The first two words gave the answer away, “Eric Swalwell”.

·        Progressive parents devastated after son comes out as straight. OK. This one is a ringer.

·        Baltimore city health insurer Kaiser Permanente paid Baltimore Mayor Pugh $114,000 for her “Healthy Holly” books. I guess this qualifies as “sane” in an environment where bribery is necessary.

·        Ilhan Omar thinks that the U.S. caused Venezuela to collapse, not the socialist policies of Chavez and Maduro. She is a woman of immodest aspirations saddled with a very modest intellect.

·        Muslim children from an Islamic Center in Philadelphia chanting “We will chop off their heads” for Allah. The center posted it to its Facebook page. CNN, which wrote over 20 articles on the Covington Catholic students, has ignored this one.

·        College professor placed on leave over “dead cops” Tweet. This guy is an absolute moron, but unfortunately there are plenty like him teaching in other colleges. If you don’t think things are totally out of control, listen to this professor from Evergreen College. He is, by the way, a very “progressive” guy and even he was not immune.

·        Oregon elementary school teacher takes it on herself to convince eight year old boy he is transgender. Parents sue for $1 million for psychological damage done to child.