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In The News – Thursday, December 4th, 2014 Edition
Posted Dec 04 2014 6:30AM
  • It’s not comforting to see Santa Claus carried away in the back of a paddy wagon. It brought watching children to tears as they realized their Christmas toys might be in jeopardy.

  • This probably shouldn’t be a surprise. November oil & gas permits have dropped nearly 40%. It’s how commodities usually react to falling prices. Farmers have done it over and over again and oil companies are subject to the same market forces. It’s the classic corn/hog cycle played out in the crude markets.

  • The Saudis expect oil to settle around $60/bbl. That, I think, sends a signal that they would probably cut production if it appeared that oil is likely to move below $60/bbl.

  • According to the Washington Post, “Every day American motorists are saving $630 million on gasoline compared to what they paid at June prices.” Prices below $120/bbl are a severe problem for Iran and prices below $90/bbl could have dire consequences. How sad. This is an interesting article. The Iranian rial is trading at its lowest point in a year and Iran just raised the price of break 30%. There are likely to be some unhappy denizens of that terrorist regime. Again, let the crocodile tears flow.

  • Why would anyone question the appointment of a soap opera producer as Ambassador to Hungary? I felt sorry for the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. This was a LOL series of questions. Even the press secretary was quick to admit he had no part in the decision. John McCain has some comments on the nomination of The Bold and the Beautiful producer.

  • I’m sure my Aggie friends will have a big time with this headline: About 100 brains missing from University of Texas. No comment.

  • I always find Ed Yardeni’s comments interestng. His view is that the U.S. oil industry intends to play the Saudis “game of chicken”.  The raw data indicates that U.S. oil production is still rising, particularly in Texas and North Dakota.

  • I’d like to see the press give stories like this about the police as much coverage as incidents like Ferguson, MO. I expect things like this happen far more often than the other type of incident. Here is an interview with the father, Tim Lejeune. As the father of a fifteen year old, this story brought tears to my eyes. 

  • Wow! I’m heading out into the woods with my lab and he’d better sniff something up or I’m going to consider getting a pig. A white truffle just unearthed in central Italy weighed 4.16 pounds and is expected to bring over $1 million at auction this week in New York City.

  • The Ruble is worth about 2? currently and Dennis Gartman believes it is headed toward 1.5?or lower. With a crumbling ruble, falling oil prices and rising inflation, Vlad may be facing the biggest crisis in his political career. A current joke going around Russia is that “Oil, the Ruble and Putin are all headed for 63 next year.”

    As T. Boone said, the Russians have essentially two inputs into GDP, oil and vodka. They export oil and drink the vodka. LOL

  • This is a product that can’t hit the market too soon. A way to block texting while driving. With two sons, I can assure you I will be first in line when my carrier offers this option. Accidents and vehicle death cause by distracted drivers has overtaken alcohol as a cause.