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In The News for Friday, April 28, 2017
Posted Apr 28 2017 11:00AM

In The News:

·        North Korea has a new video out showing the White House in crosshairs and carriers exploding. It’s hard to see this situation improving as long as the increasingly delusional punk who rules the DPRK is in place. There are indications that his own people may be getting tired of his act.

·        If you live in a high tax state, you might not like one facet of the President’s new tax reform proposals. The loss of being able to deduct state and local taxes will not be popular with high-tax blue states and some that went red in the last election. As one executive of a moving company said, “I wish I had a conveyor belt running from California to Texas.” And maybe an offshoot that runs to Tennessee.

·        Co-workers at this St. Louis 7-Eleven are referring to one of their fellow clerks as a She-ro. As a result, local felons have removed this 7-Eleven from their “stop and rob” list.

·        Part 1 of 3 -  Energy Revolutions Hidden in Plain Sight: Shale Crushes Solar.

 The scale and velocity of the shale revolution is underappreciated. It is the fastest and biggest addition to world energy supply -- not just hydrocarbons, but all forms of energy -- that has occurred in history.  The only time something close to as dramatic has occurred was in the decade following the 1968 opening of Saudi Arabia’s giant Ghawar oil field.

·        Small Business Optimism Surging. Bank of America survey shows a jump from 31% to 52% in small business optimism since the election. Optimistic but cautious.