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In The News for Thursday, October 7, 2021
Posted Oct 07 2021 6:40AM

·       Our betters on the left and those in control of social media really don’t like the Babylon Bee, a very successful and funny satire site. Out pompous, woke betters really don’t like being ridiculed, that’s why it is such an effective tactic. The social media sites have been restricting traffic to the Babylon Bee, so I am going to try and link to at least one story on that site every day. Feel free to click on it and share it with as many as possible. Today’s offering: Aides Quickly Drag President Away As He Tries To Join In ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chant. And this one that all men can empathize with. Local Man Prays That Wife’s Text Message Of ‘OK’ Really Means OK. We’re on a roll. Here’s another great one: 9 Exciting Careers For Gender Studies Graduates. Hint, would you like fries with that? Lastly, here is one that is a good reason why the woke would like to see this site cancelled. Australian Hospitals Over Capacity With People Beaten By Police For Not Wearing Masks.

·       This is a simply unbelievable story. You need to watch it if you don’t think something is seriously wrong with our ruling class that this could happen in America and not East Germany. Channing Phillips is the acting U.S. Attorney in charge of the Jan. 6th prosecutions[JW1] . He is a radical to say the least.

·       What a unique idea! Japan is not taking in refugees, saying they need to look after their own citizens first. They grant asylum to less than 1% of those who apply. Germany, which has a similar GDP granted about 53% of those who applied. We need to look to the Japanese model.

·       She needs to go to the front of the line for deportation. Sen. Sinema harassed on flight by illegal immigrant.

·       Supreme Court rebuffs bid for D.C. congressional representation. Good.

·       You gotta love it. First Black driver to win at Talladega named Bubba.

·       Nancy is having a tough time finding anything to cut out of the $3.5 trillion spendapalooza bill. Here are a few suggestions.

·       Those $4.5 trillion ‘infrastructure’ and ‘reconciliation’ bills are far more radical and dangerous than you think. You need to pay attention and be writing and calling your Senators and Representatives. They can do a lot of damage between now and November 2022[JW2] .

·       Yellow badges to show you’ve been vaccinated. Do you think the Germans really thought this one through?

·       I understand that CNN is pushing hard for the election to be de-certified. Their viewership is down 41% since Trump lost. Brian Stelter and Don Lemon were seen wearing ‘Trump Won’ badges.