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In The News – Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 Edition
Posted Nov 05 2014 7:00AM
  • Well, the election is over and the electorate has spoken. The message seems to be that they are good and tired of business as usual in Washington. To the extent that the election was a referendum on the policies of the past six years, it was a clear repudiation of them. Pretty much all the media, even the New York Times, got it right. Bloomberg, with its notably liberal editorial bias, just couldn’t bring themselves to face reality. The headline yesterday was “Day of Decision Arrives with Fight for Senate Control Too Close to Call.” Didn’t exactly turn out that way. Even the world’s number one bimbo reality TV star, Kim Kardashian couldn’t turn the tide. Gosh, I almost changed by vote when I realized an intellectual giant and policy maven like Kim was into the fray. When the last votes were counted, the Republicans had control of the Senate with a few to spare and the House had a majority not seen since 1943. Let’s hope we see some gracious winners and losers and then get on with the business of improving our economy and helping the citizens of our great country.

  • Apparently Russian cartoonists are having an art show in Moscow. Our President figures prominently in a few of the exhibits.

  • Another side effect of the mess in Venezuela is rampant crime. Bulletproof anything is very popular.

  • Here are the breakeven prices for America’s Shale Basins. If oil prices don’t stabilize and move back up, and perhaps even if they do, we’re going to see a slowdown in drilling activity.

  • This is heresy and it won’t change my drinking habits. Scotch needs to come from Scotland and be cooked over peat. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • I love hot and spicy. Habanero sauces and even Naga Jolokia are in my pantry, but as far as eating them raw I’ll pass. I like flavor not pain. This is hilarious. These people are professionals! The show must go on! ROTFLOL

  • It’s not nice to do this to children. It is hilarious, though. These children may be scarred for life. Their parents ate their Halloween candy.

  • Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says that Saudi reliance on petroleum revenue is “dangerous”. Well, they can always export sand.