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In The News for Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Posted Dec 15 2021 7:42AM

·       Well, wondering how the Administration will paint the highest single year over year PPI ever as part of their “booming” economy? How bad is inflation and when will it abate? Consensus for yesterday’s PPI was 0.5% M/M and 9.2% Y/Y, which would have been a record in its own right. The actual report came in at 0.8% M/M and 9.6% Y/Y. Let’s go Brandon! The Fed is expected to announce a more rapid transition away from its easy money policies when the FOMC makes their announcement this afternoon at 2 PM. Let’s hope this situation puts some steel in Joe Manchin’s spine and we are able to scrap the Biden spendapalooza bill.

·       Some very interesting charts on inflation in this Powerline post, A Note on Inflation. Those charts should be the death knell for the Democrats in November 2022. You may remember the old WIN, Whip Inflation Now, mantra from the Ford administration. The Biden Administration prefers DIN, Deny Inflation Now. Poor Jen Psaki is totally incapable of covering her economic illiteracy in trying to cover for her boss.  

·       Talking back to Sen. Warren. An excellent response from EQT Corp. CEO Toby Rice.

·       A funny think happened on the way to global warming. Over a million views, so far.

·       This is about as good a news as a Republican could hope for. Psaki: Biden plans to run for reelection in 2024.

·       I though Nancy Pelosi said it was free. The CBO says the Biden misnamed Build Back Better bill will add $3 trillion to deficit. You can take it to the bank that’s a low number. The White House’s response? It’s “fake news.”

·       Interesting factoid. Candidates endorsed by Trump have won 137 of 140 races.

·       On Chris Wallace’s departure from Fox News for CNN+, Howard Stern got it right. “People don’t watch CNN. Who the hell is going to pay for CNN+?