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In The News for Friday, October 14, 2022
Posted Oct 14 2022 7:07AM

·        I’m looking forward to this. On Saturday and Sunday on OAN there will be several free showings of 2000 Mules. Times are 7am, 4pm, 11pm and 3am.

·        The Saudis have confirmed that Joe attempted to coerce them into postponing cuts until after the midterms. They told him to pound sand.

·        An interesting article from The Atlantic about the lives and careers of Siegfried & Roy.

·        This is good news. McConnell PAC finally agrees to spend $10 million on Blake Masters.

·        My sentiments exactly. Instead of a National Divorce, How About a National Backlash. I believe it is coming big-time in November.

·        AOC’s townhall meeting didn’t exactly go as planned.

·        Jamie Dimon: Biden is getting energy completely wrong. It’s just one of many things he’s getting completely wrong, but it is an important one.

·        The University of Illinois paid Ibram X. Kendi, aka Ibram Henry Rogers, $35,000 for a 60-minute Q&A session. This guy is a total nitwit, but he has figured out how to milk the liberal cow that is leftist academia.