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In The News for Thursday, August 26, 2021
Posted Aug 26 2021 7:35AM

·       Couldn’t resist. Just too funny. We like to party.  

·       Biden’s press conference on Tuesday.

The falsity of the remarks is contemptible and disgusting. That he or his minders found it appropriate to take another cheap shot at Donald Trump in this context (“we are already working closely with refugee organizations to rebuild a system that was purposefully destroyed by my predecessor”) is beneath contempt.

Although the press had been called in for his performance, Biden took no questions. He turned his back and skedaddled. The exit gave expressive form to the spectacle that confronts us in Kabul.

·       Without the Pax Americana, there is no pax. It’s kind of like an international defund the police. Some good food for thought.

·       Biden Agonistes. A look at Vietnam, Cambodia and Afghanistan and Biden’s prior votes.

·       Love it. Saints tickets are selling for less than $1 after team requires fans to be vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test.