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In The News for Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Posted Jun 21 2022 6:56AM

·       Who in the world let him head out without his training wheels? Serious lapse of judgement but I think we have narrowed down the culprit. As a result, the Secret Service is taking additional precautions.

·       Coup’s Next. Interview with Lee Smith well worth watching. Only 24 min. long. You will be well past irate. Several people should be stood against the wall.

How about a congressional investigation of the perversion of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the service of the Russia hoax intended to take out Donald Trump? The FBI, FISA, and the FISA court should be shut down until we get some answers about the abuse of the law in the service of the hoax. It is all unfinished business, although the Democrats are doing their best to make us forget.

·       “My Dinner With Hunter Biden”. Wow! The laptop from hell just keeps disgorging revealing, and disgusting,  information.

·       Stephen Colbert caught red-handed plotting insurrection. Jan. 6th Committee silent, so far. They were let in by Adam Schiff, who opened the door for them. Haven’t heard from Nancy Pelosi, yet, who has repeatedly attacked Republicans for not following new security precautions. I’m sure she’ll be calling a press conference.

·       Speaking of Edmund Burke. An interesting comment on current affairs from an outsider who loves America looking in.

·       Ten years to save the planet! We really mean it this time! Thoroughly discredited climatista Michael Mann on MSNBC. Meanwhile the UN wants to transfer wealth from the US and EU to poorer nations through ‘climate reparations.’ The whole thing is a massive scam.

·       The third leading cause of death in the United States? Medical mistakes.  

·       Don’t look for the major networks and mainstream media to cover this revelation. Published excerpts from Ashley Biden’s diary are pretty disgusting. Look for the sound of crickets from the White House press corps.