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In The News for Friday, July 2, 2021
Posted Jul 02 2021 6:51AM

·       Mediocre through and through. Seems an apt description. The Real Kamala Harris.

Harris comes across to me as mediocre through and through. Her presidential campaign was a disaster. An implosion of that magnitude — one that cannot be attributed to any scandal or single misstep — is almost unprecedented in the history of presidential politics.

·       In case you missed the Congressional testimony of Microsoft VP Tom Burt, it should make you sit up and take notice. Federal law enforcement agencies secretly request the data of Microsoft users thousands of times per year. Add to that, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and you can only imagine how intrusive they are. I watched his testimony in disbelief. It was chilling, as was his obvious concern about it.

·       Chicago Mayor Lorrie Lightfoot says people don’t like her only because she is a black women. No, Lorrie. We’re way past that. No one like you because you are a liar, a political hack and one of the all-time worst mayors in a city famous for them. The fact that you look like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice just helps with the memes.

·       Today’s dose of liberal insanity. These are just too easy to find. Illinois legislature passed bill to require feminine hygiene products in boy’s restrooms for grades 4-12. Let’s see if their totally feckless governor signs it.

·       The University of North Carolina, apparently determined to destroy any reputation they have left, has caved to faux academic Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the thoroughly discredited “1619 Project”, has granted this fraud tenure. I know my Tarheel friends are so proud.

·       The War on Reality. It is becoming clearer and clearer that our response to the COVID virus was an absolute disaster brough on by listening to our bureaucratic healthcare “experts.” I’ve been saying this for over a year, since the beginning, and my beliefs are being confirmed daily as new studies come out.

·       Not confirmed, but an interesting development in the Ashli Babbitt case. It is supposedly “an open secret” that she was shot by a member of Vice President Pence’s Secret Service detail[JW1] .

·       A CNN reporter tried to ask a Trump rally goer a question and the interview immediately went sideways.

·       Two good Supreme Court victories. One shoots down an attempt by Kamala Harris as CA Secty of State to make conservative nonprofits disclose the identities of major donors and the other shoots down Dem’s attempts to get rid of Arizona voting laws.

·       Former Justice Department lawyer testifies before House Judiciary Committee on DOJ’s long history of abuses she witnessed while working there. She was called to help build support for HR 4, but her testimony did the exact opposite.  

Riordan said she was “shocked” at “how political” the conduct of the lawyers inside the Voting Section was and testified that their actions were the “furthest thing from nonpartisan.” 

The unethical disclosure by Voting Section staff of privileged information to reporters and others, she said, “happened on a regular basis,” and she recounted how a Voting Section analyst “lied under oath” to lawyers from the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General. You getting the picture?

·       Some classic Donald Rumsfeld. RIP.