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In The News for Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Posted Sep 30 2020 8:02AM

·       Well, Round One of the Presidential Heavyweight Championship  fight is over. It was a no holds barred WWF cage bout and both men missed the opportunity to focus in on opportunities and openings provided by their opponent. I expect no minds were changed. Chris Wallace was over his head and his bias was about as expected.  

·       Danang Dick Blumenthal was shown to be the hack he is by, of all people, Wolf Blitzer.

·       Another Biden rally. Do they ever draw a crowd that is larger than their Secret Service detail[JW1] [JW2] ?

·       Good move. The U.S. just undercut China’s best shot at semiconductor independence.

·       FBI Agents knew about Trump coup and stayed silent. As one commentator said, “It’s time for some heads on pikes[JW3] .”

·       Personally, I think this guy has been a breath of fresh air and common sense. Fauci is apparently not happy with being supplanted. He is a bureaucrat who has reveled in his time in the limelight and has contradicted himself on numerous occasions. As I’ve said before, his expiration date is long past.

·       She is right, of course. Tulsi Gabbard raises the alarm. ‘Ballot Harvesting Has Allowed for Fraud and Abuse.’ Related: The Week in Democrat Voting Fraud for September 29, 2020. And this: The largest county in Texas, Harris County, has been approving voter registrations to non-U.S. citizens. It’s bad enough that I have to vote to cancel out my liberal cousin’s vote, but this is ridiculous.

·       Did you know the President has an ‘Internet Kill Switch?’ Maybe he should use it to censor Twitter or Facebook.

·       I have believed all along that eventually the truth would crawl out from under the rocks the Democrats were using to hide it. It’s unbelievable what keeps leaking out from under the rocks as more and more stuff that should never have been classified is declassified. There seem to be smoking guns all over the place. This one, just out, is damning. The “lock her up” chant that sometimes materializes at Trump rallies is likely to get new life. At least we finally found someone guilty of Russian Collusion. Mueller must be so relieved. I’m guessing that Comey’s testimony today might be interesting. Wonder if he’ll plead the fifth?

·       NC Democrat Senate nominee just made an inexcusable Bar-B-Que faux pas. Unless you’re from New York or Long Island, a Bar-B-Que isn’t some hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill. Cal Cunningham has been absolutely toasted on social media. Next thing you know he’ll invite voters over for pie and it will be pizza, not key lime.