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In The News for Thursday, September 30, 2021
Posted Sep 30 2021 7:31AM

·       Hispanics hate Biden.

Lots of people are slicing and dicing the poll data that show Joe Biden in a steep decline, which is understandable. But few are willing to offer the obvious explanation for his cratering poll numbers: he is doing an unbelievably bad job as president, and his limited mental capacity offers little hope that he will be able to improve.

·       Dems scramble to keep their spending dreams alive.

It simplifies things considerably if one starts from the reality we have emphasized throughout — Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are in total control of what can and cannot be enacted through reciliation. For purposes of a reconciliation package, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

·       Did He Lie Or Did It Slip His Mind? Based on his historical record, I think lie is the obvious answer.

 So did Biden lie or did he forget? When Biden told Stephanopoulos “No, no one said that to me that I can recall,” I thought he was lying then and still do now. Given his diminished mental capacity, however, he might have a case. Maybe it just slipped his mind.

Meanwhile, his media allies rushed to his defense.  

·       The Annals of Academic Insanity: UCLA professor sues after suspension for refusing preferential exam treatment for Black students. He is suing to hold administrators personally liable. I wish him all success.

·       You have to be kidding me. Democrats see Vice President Kamala Harris as a ‘major player’ in the midterm elections.  

·       James Bond is a Man. Get Over It. James Bond is a man, he’s a white man, if you really want to get technical. And he’s popular with the ladies, not interested in men. These are just a few of the reasons the left is seeking to destroy him.