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In The News for Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Posted Mar 22 2022 8:47AM

·        Brilliant move by Republicans – Registering voters at Gas Stations.

·        Like the guy in class who knows the answer and has his hand raised yelling Me, Me, Pick Me. Canadian official offers U.S. plenty of oil from ‘right next door.’

·        Americans aren’t buying it, Joe. Biden keeps referring to “the best economic growth in the last four decades.” Is he talking about the Trump administration? Otherwise, it makes no sense.

·        Of course they knew it was true. That’s not even open to question. Sen. Johnson blasts NY Times, former intel experts over Hunter Biden laptop. The problem is that it clearly implicated Joe Biden in corrupt actions and that couldn’t be allowed to come out prior to the election. So how has Twitter and the MSM covered the story? Here’s how. As for Bill Barr, he said he was “very disturbed” that Joe Biden lied to the American people about the laptop. Well, you had a chance to do something about it and failed you job and the American people.  

·        No, Volodymyr, it won’t be WWIII. Zelenskyy: If next negotiations fail, it’s ‘World War’ III. It is a regional and ethnic conflict brought on by stupidity on both sides aided and abetted by a totally feckless foreign policy on the part of the U.S.

·        Nice try, folks, but it won’t fly. Senate and House Democrats call oil executives to testify over $4 a gallon gasoline.

·        As I’ve said, they are laughing at us