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In The News for Monday, August 29, 2022
Posted Aug 29 2022 6:42AM

·        This should be a huge, blockbuster of a story, but you might not know it if you depend on the mainstream media for your news. The FBI clearly interfered in the 2020 election according to Mark Zuckerberg of all people. It is one hell of a smoking gun and not much of a stretch to assume that the FBI did the same with Twitter and other social media platforms. They were of course aided by our mainstream media, who are mostly Democratic operatives with bylines. The media may be studiously ignoring this story, but I’m pretty sure they will have trouble ignoring it when the new Republican controlled Congress convenes in January and begins issuing subpoenas. This calls for jail time. At least one liberal writer, Matt Taibbi, asks, “How is this not a huge story?”

·        Meanwhile, the FBI goes into damage control mode.

·        A speech given in Congress by Davy Crockett around 1837. Worth revisiting. The whole article is good, but the first five paragraphs are the key point.

·        Another media narrative blows sky high.

So all the Post‘s sources — who it nebulously described as “‘people familiar with the investigation” and “experts in classified information” and “former senior intelligence officials” and “a person familiar with the investigation” who said there were nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago — were “the FBI” and the “government.”

Please laugh.

Then vote.

·        In what proved to be a very prescient comment, Stephen Kruiser said over a year ago the Donald Trump’s biggest failure was not doing a thorough housecleaning at the FBI.  

·        From PJ Media’s Morning Briefing last Thursday. Classic Ron Swanson. Should be on every wall. Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.  

·        Unbelievable! 13 U.S. hospitals perform gender transition surgery on minors. This surgery is irreversible and anyone performing it on a minor should be incarcerated. Parents who encourage or approve of it should be dealt with by child protective services. Here is a recording of a children’s hospital affirming that they do this surgery on minors.

·        Required viewing. Great two-minute clip from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Elon is Right: ESG is a Scam.

·        Boy, did we ever dodge a disaster. Hillary Clinton thrashed in legal quiz by Kim Kardashian, Esq., loses 11-4. Yale Law School was not available for comment.

·        I’m sure this will play well as we approach the midterm elections. Calling half the country “semi-fascists.” 

·        How totally ridiculous. But it is, after all, in Washington, D.C. Georgetown students say mask mandate ‘isn’t doing anything.’ Of course it isn’t. It’s all about optics and virtue signaling and a bloated, woke administration.