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In The News for Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Posted May 24 2022 8:45PM

·        Seven Types Of Confusion. Strategic Ambiguity is a concept that Joe struggles with. It is a silly diplomatic piece of misdirection, anyway, and it obviously challenges Joe to remember exactly what it means.

·        Spot on. Lucas: For Biden, courage would be visiting the US border, not touring Asia.

A great leader shows courage by dealing with danger and disaster, and not hiding out or abandoning his post and running away.

It is the president of the United States going to the southern border, a place he has never visited — maybe even to Eagle Pass or El Paso — to view first-hand the humanitarian disaster his open borders policy has brought about.

·        Democrats’ Georgia Lies Are Being Laid Bare.

“It’s a shame that Abrams and the rest of the Democrats (including the village idiot masquerading as president) can’t be held criminally responsible for incessantly lying about Republicans and voter suppression, which they’ve been doing for decades.”

Black participation in primary early voting has more than tripled compared to 2018. Hardly looks like voter suppression, does it?

·        Biden Voters: “I didn’t vote for this.” Yes, you did. Biden voter had ‘no idea’ things could get this bad.

·        Facebook employees hate it when Facebook censors them.  

·        Don’t believe your lying eyes. Yesterday I mentioned dim-witted media hack John Harwood’s take on inflation. He got thoroughly dragged on Twitchy. My favorite: I’ll take ‘Things An Out of Touch Idiot Would Say for $600, Alex.’

·        We should never stop learning and adding new words to our vocabulary. Today’s word is “vacuous” as in K-A-M-A-L-A. Tomorrow we will learn how to use the word “nitwit”.

·        Well, after all, she did dress up as a nun once. Whoopi Comes For The Archbishop.

·        First Bill Maher took the red pill and now it looks like Ricky Gervais might have. The Trans community, all 1% of them, are up in arms over his comments making fun of the ridiculousness we are experiencing. I’d say the language is NSFW.

·        Voting on election day should be the presumptive norm. Brad Smith On Early Voting.

·        Uh Oh!

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