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In The News for Thursday, September 2, 2021
Posted Sep 02 2021 7:55AM

·       The Geek in Pictures: Poll Position Edition[JW1] 

·       Wall Street Journal Op/Ed on Afghanistan: Biden’s Vainglory Brings Abject Humiliation in Afghanistan. Read.

·       Simply unbelievable! Text messages reveal frustration of troops the ground in Afghanistan trying to rescue Americans in the middle of the Administration’s total incompetence.  82nd Airborne Colonel: “We are f*cking abandoning American citizens.” Our Commander-In-Chief called the effort an “extraordinary success.” Perhaps for the Taliban. Sen. Ron Johnson: "I'm not sure what planet President Biden and members of his administration are on, but here on planet Earth, his withdrawal from Afghanistan is an abysmal failure," the senator said. "What we've been hearing from people working the evacuation is completely different from the administration's rosy spin. 

·       A lot of anger is beginning to bubble to the surface. A larger and larger swath of our citizenry has had enough. A Heedless Aftermath.

·       In other words, the President of the United States had a call with a foreign leader where he asked the leader to lie on his behalf and promised military assistance if he did as he was told. Do I have that right? Reuters has a transcript of a call between Afghani President Ghani and President Biden in which Biden stresses the importance of giving a false impression. Biden tried to fake it, failed.

·       A Rasmussen poll indicated that 52% of “likely voters” believe Biden should resign. Further, 60% of those surveyed believe he should be impeached if he doesn’t. To cap it off, 58% do not consider Kamala Harris qualified to replace him. We’re kind of between a rock and a hard place, aren’t we[JW2] ?

·       ‘The Smartest Person in Any Room, Anywhere’: In Defense of Elon Musk, by Douglas Copeland. Hard to argue with that premise.  

·       Corolla, Dr. Drew Shred Comey, Media on ‘Insurecction’ Lies.

“If it was an insurrection, it was the worst attempt at a takeover in human history,” the doctor said.

“I don’t care how many talking heads are telling me this is what this was, I have the information, and it clearly wasn’t what you’re saying it is,” Carolla added. “No, I’m not going along with the insurrection title.”