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InThe News for Friday, July 9, 2021
Posted Jul 09 2021 8:02AM

·        The question of “Who shot Ashley Babbitt?” looks like it may have been answered.

·        Putin declares only Russian fizz is ‘Champagne.’ Yea. Nothing impresses someone like a good bottle of Russian champagne[JW1] .

·        The left’s goal of achieving ‘Peak Stupidity’ has proved to be an elusive goal.

·        Loose Ends. Interesting. Question: Does Al Gore have any friends.

·        Get in their faces and punch back twice as hard. How Utah parents are rallying against critical race theory in public schools.

·        Michael Avenatti, creepy porn lawyer and former Democratic presidential primary candidate, was sentenced to 30 months for trying to extort Nike[JW2] . It was well below what the prosecution had asked for, 8 years. Here’s how stupid our media is. The simply cannot be ridiculed enough[JW3] . Avenatti, who they described as a “beast” apparently cried during his sentencing. One of his former law professors at GWU, Professor Turley, had some comments on what a shame such a bright student had sunk to such levels.  

·        Dem Congressman, Rep. Jesus Garcia, says no spending package without amnesty for illegal aliens. OK with me.

·        Early indications are that the courts may shoot down the Dems attempts to challenge state voter integrity laws[JW4] .  

·        Is anyone really surprised at this news? I doubt it. Red state cities are recovering faster than Blue state cities.

·        What is Trump to us? Donald Trump became the political vehicle for the American people’s resentment of an overweening, corrupt ruling class. Trump’s invaluable contribution to the Republic was to lead Americans publicly to disrespect that class. 

·        Capitol Hill Cowards: Reporters were the real victims of the Jan. 6 riots. Just totally laughable.

·        Sheriffs and ICE officers sue Biden administration. Essentially, they are charging treason. Here is what’s happening in Tennessee. Planes carrying unidentified children landing in Tennessee in the middle of the night. Absolutely outrageous, illegal behavior on the part of the Biden administration.

·        More evidence of just how useless “Green” energy is. Wood burning accounts for more energy than solar power.

·        “Fortunate Accident” may yield immunity weapon against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Potentially a huge development.

·        How do Americans really feel about the unfettered level of illegal immigration aided and abetted by the Biden Administration? It’s pretty obvious from the polls and I strongly suspect the Dems will pay a huge price in November 2022.