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In The News for Friday, May 24, 2019
Posted May 23 2019 10:03PM

·        Good news! At least it’s good news for American citizens who would like to know what’s transpired. Maybe not such good news for those who perverted the system. President Trump, on the advice of his Atty. Gen. has decided to declassify the information related to the Russia probe. Let’s see who leaves town now that the we’re peeling into the really smelly part of the onion. NBC said it was a “stunning move” that was “unprecedented.” Well, so is the scandal they are at the core of. As expected, the spin started quickly with the ludicrous Adam Schiff risibly calling it a clear abuse of power. The hue and cry that is coming will tip you off to who is worried the most. This ought to get good. I’ve already told you to make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

·        This might explain why Walk Don’t Run by the Ventures was my favorite tune in the 60’s. A study has found that smart people listen to instrumental music.

·        It might be a good idea if the European Union joined the U.S. in presenting a unified front to address Chinese technology theft. Forced Tech Transfers Are on the Rise in China, European Firms Say.

·        This is a story that I was only fleetingly aware of. It appears to be a gross example of prosecutorial misconduct as well as an indication of the desperation of some of the Mueller team to find what they ultimately concluded didn’t exist, a channel into the Kremlin. This is an interesting article and it appears that a gross miscarriage of justice took place. For the sin of doing a jailhouse interview with NPR, the government had her transferred from Alexandria, VA to a county jail in Chickasha, OK, far from her attorneys. As Glenn Reynolds said in his Instapundit Post, For the sake of the narrative, there needed to be a Russian spy, therefore, she was a Russian spy.

·        Federal Rats Are Fleeing the Sinking Ship. Lots of finger pointing going on. As always, Victor Davis Hanson is well worth a read. Excerpt: So, how can we tell that the former accusers are now terrified of becoming the accused? Because suddenly the usual band of former Obama officials and Trump accusers have largely given up on their allegations that Trump was or is a Russian asset. Instead, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein are now beginning to accuse each other of wrongdoing.”

·        China’s Tariff List Advertises Its Trade War Weakness.

“Unless Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his advisors are completely incompetent, there’s only one way to interpret Beijing’s list of U.S. products that will be slapped with retaliatory tariffs on June 1 if the trade war with the United States isn’t somehow deescalated pronto: China increasingly realizes that it’s playing a losing hand in the trade war, and its counter-moves have been made mainly for public consumption in China.

·        I’ve posted comments in the past about the boom in West Texas. In This Oil Boom Town, Even a Barber Can Make $180,000. I’m thinking of heading out there with a bowl and a pair of scissors.

·        Facing a huge poll gap with Joe Biden, Bernie has launched a cross-country hair-sniffing tour.

·        Another great example of how the media willfully misleads its audience. Luckily, people are more and more calling them on it. Like this Tweet from Dana Loesch.

·        Tom Friedman of The New York Times: China Deserves Donald Trump. It took a human wrecking ball to get China’s attention.

·        As bad as things are in Washington, D.C., we haven’t quite reached this point, yet. On May 22, 1856 in the U.S. Senate, Rep. Preston Banks (D-SC) used a cane to attack Sen. Charles Sumner (R-MA), an abolitionist, nearly beating him to death. It was a “Breakdown of reasoned discourse.” Sound familiar? I have to admit, there is no dearth of candidates in Washington who could use a good caning.

·        I’ve always enjoyed P.J. O’Rourke’s take on things. He’s written a piece titled It’s time to make rich people uncomfortable again. He suggests that anyone worth over $100 million be required to wear a top hat at all times.

·        I’m trying to work up some big crocodile tears over this news. CNN Continues Its Death Spiral As Ratings Collapse In Epic Fashion. What is the world do they think is going to happen with “talent” like Brian Stelter and Town Halls with Beto O’Rourke?