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In The News for Friday, June 28, 2019
Posted Jun 28 2019 8:04AM

·        Well, the first two Democratic debates are over. Who won? One commentator said the winner was Donald Trump and those who did something else. I fall in the latter category, having watched Vanderbilt defeat Michigan for the National College Baseball Championship. The Dems pretty much ignored the economy, which is going to be a difficult hurdle for them to overcome. All hands went up when asked who supported free healthcare for illegal immigrants. I don’t see that as a winner. One highlight was Julian Castro saying that biological men who are transgender should be granted abortion rights. Say what? Yes, he said it. You might be interested to know why Julian, the mayor of San Antonio, didn’t join in with Beto and Spartacus speaking Spanish. It’s because he can’t speak Spanish. The talking heads seemed to give the nod to Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker as having turned in the best performance on the first night and Kamala Harris on the second, but a poll on Drudge was overwhelmingly in favor of Tulsi Gabbard, who was judged the winner by 40% of those taking the poll. Elizabeth Warren came in second with 12.26%. Roger Kimball had some comments on the debate. A pathetic exhibition of virtue-signaling in Miami. Oh, and a hearty congratulations to Bill de Blasio for coming into Miami and using a Che Guevara quote, “Hasta la Victoria siempre!” Until victory, always! It didn’t go unnoticed by the thousands of Cuban refugees who call Miami home. Florida Senator Rick Scott couldn’t let if pass. “In case there was any doubt about the Democrats running for President embracing socialism, Bill de Blasio is in Miami quoting Che Guevara.” I’ll end this post on a humorous note, not that a lot of the above wasn’t humorous. Someone posted a list of the Democrat candidates comparing them to members of the cast of Airplane.

·        One of our favorite half-wits in Congress has done it again. AOC weeps over empty parking lot. She posed a picture of herself crying, purportedly while outside the fence at a detention camp on the Southern border. In actuality, she was posed looking pitiful and across the fence was an empty parking lot. Being from New York, maybe she was crying over such valuable parking spaces going to waste. Here are several pictures from different angles showing how the photographers posed the picture.

·        By now many of you have probably seen the pitiful picture of the father and daughter who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande into the United States so they could claim asylum. Here’s a little more on the story. The facts don’t jive with the hysteria being drummed up by the open borders crowd. Oscar Ramirez worked at a Pizza Hut in El Salvador, making $350/month. They were not fleeing violence, according to his mother-in-law, but seeking a life where they could earn more and then return to El Salvador with enough money to buy or build their own home. It’s still a tragedy, but not a case of someone desperately fleeing violence in their own country and in desperate need of asylum.

·        The LGBTQ community may be facing some backlash from one of the demographics they have counted on the most. A new statistic from the annual Accelerating Acceptance report indicates that young Americans are less comfortable with LGBTQ people than in previous years. As Glenn Reynolds said, “That’s what happens when your public style goes from happy and fabulous to angry and controlling.”

·        The National Association of Scholars is trying to get the Army War College to show some backbone. I commented on this a few weeks ago. Now there is An Open Letter Defending Free Inquiry at the U.S. Army War College. I signed it.

·        The Supreme Court has ruled that they don’t have the power to address Gerrymandering. It is a process that has been used by eons by victorious political parties to try and ensure their continued power by drawing voting districts to encompass the constituents most likely to vote for them. Democrats have used it to great effect for decades but have recently been forced to re-think the issue due to losing the 2010 midterm elections that handed the Republicans control of several state legislatures. They were pretty happy with the power to gerrymander when they were in control, not so much now. The liberal justices were incensed. That’s a good sign.

·        Who knew the Dalai Lama was such an Islamophobe. He claims that Europe will be Muslim or African if migrants are not returned to their home countries. He suggests only a limited number of immigrants should be allowed to remain. It’s a subject he has spoken of in the past.

·        The Babylon Bee just keeps nailing it. Google Rep Issues Heartfelt Apology For Anti-Conservative Bias While Wearing ‘Kill All Republicans’ T-Shirt.