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In The News for Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Posted Sep 23 2020 7:58AM

·       Anyone noticing that the Trump recovery is doing much better than expected? I have and I suspect the media has, too, despite their unwillingness to cover it much. Larry Kudlow had some comments. Economy doesn’t need more stimulus for a V shaped recovery. Dr. Ed also had some comments along those lines.   

·       Wow! Talk about a lousy return policy.

·       It’s only a matter of time before liberals blame RBG for not retiring earlier. They already have. She could have retired while Obama was president but was so sure Hillary would win that she stayed on. Bad decision. It looks like the Republicans may well have the votes to do exactly what the Democrats would do if their roles were reversed. Particularly with Romney on board. It kind of looks like all systems are go at this point. Amy Klobuchar is having a tough time getting to the conclusion she wants to espouse. That she was ever regarded as a serious contender in the primaries is nothing short of mind boggling.

·       Another installment in The Best of Kaylie. The perfect meme for her and the White House Press Corps.

·       Contrary to the breathless report in the press about Democratic fundraising, the RNC has raised $1.3 billion at the final push begins. As an aside, on my recent cross country drive, I grudgingly listed to NPR when there weren’t any good country stations available. They are an organ of the Democrat Party, not remotely an unbiased news organization. They shouldn’t receive one cent of government funding.

·       The more the DOJ and FBI release, the more the truly smelly onion gets peeled back.

·       Four Biden brain freezes that are indicative of why the Democrats should be worried. The hits just keep on coming.  

·       Spent some time recently in Jackson, WY, and West Yellowstone, MT. Very crowded and restaurants and bars open for business. Most stores require masks, but not enforced. Restaurants were at full capacity, not 25%. Life amazingly normal. Not so inside the Park. Restaurants open but food had to be eaten outside. Masks strictly enforced. The Park convenience stores limit the number of customers inside at one time. The Jackson Lake Lodge in Teton Natl. Park didn’t even open for the season nor did the Lake Hotel in Yellowstone. Despite this, the Parks had more visitors this year than last as people are desperate to get back to normal and take vacations. Yellowstone seemed very crowded for this late in the season, particularly around the Old Faithful area stores, hotel and restaurants.  

·       The President seems to be achieving success after success on foreign policy. Now Iran has offered to exchange all prisoners with the U.S.

·       These cases need to be quickly reviewed by the Supreme Court, hopefully after President Trump’s newest nominee is affirmed. There is a huge difference between absentee voting and mass vote by mail.

·       ABC Townhall masquerades anti-Trump activists as “uncommitted” voters. If you happened to see it, it was about as transparent as it could possibly be. Do they really think their viewers are that stupid? Apparently so. The host being George Stephanopoulos should have been a dead giveaway.

·       Nine months ago Congressman Max Rose from Brooklyn voted to impeach President Trump. Facing reelection against a Republican, he’s now singing a different tune and showing support to Trump. Maybe his constituents can see through the charade.

·       The New York Post, Not the Babylon Bee. Seattle has a convicted pimp on its payroll to help in coming up with “alternatives to policing.” Again, this isn’t satire.

·       Fred should know better. FedEx ripped over Washington football team name change during shareholder meeting.

·       We are living in the Golden Age of Lunacy. Bill O’Reilly makes a good case in Welcome to Loonistan. Don’t be surprised if the next two big reality TV programs are “America’s Got Covid” and “Dancing With The Racists.”

·       A Canadian woman, Pascale Ferrier, living in Texas has been taken into custody for mailing Ricin to President Trump and law enforcement officials in Hidalgo, TX. She apparently sent six letters in total. How about life in prison?

·       Anthony Anderson, purportedly a comedian, publicly humiliated Jimmy Kimmel on national TV, albeit on a program with abysmal ratings. Hard to feel sorry for Jimmy, though, who has a stage four case of TDS and deserves the public shaming.

·       Princeton’s President Christopher Eisgruber may have really stepped in it as a result of trying to be too “woke.” He has now subjected his university to a federal investigation over his claims that Princeton is a racist institution. It’s way past time that he and his fellow nitwits in college administrations are called on the carpet. Maybe this unhinged UAB professor could be a test case. The Administration was quick to indicate that she used bad judgement. To paraphrase the old Hee Haw song, Gloom, Despair and Misery on Me, if it weren’t for bad judgement, she’d have no judgement at all.

·       Wuhan Virus update:

Excess mortality back to 0% for first time since January.

How COVID deaths are counted. Alex Berenson has been publishing some of the best information on our national hysteria.

Wonder why the media isn’t talking about Sweden these days. Here’s why. Doesn’t fit the preferred narrative.

·       Rep. Matt Gaetz calls out Murkowski and Collins.

·       State That Just Voted To Reduce Penalties For Pedophiles Not Sure Why God Keeps Lighting Them On Fire. From my favorite news site.

·       Speaking the truth isn’t always welcomed in this age of corporate wokeness. Wells Fargo CEO, Charles Scharf angered some with his comment that hitting diversity goals was sometimes tough due to a lack of qualified talent. As MLK said, judge a man by the content of his character and not his skin color.