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In The News for Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Posted Aug 31 2021 1:33AM

·       Biden breaks promise made in interview with George Stephanopoulos that we would stay in Afghanistan until every American who wanted out got out. It’s a sad day for America and will cost us until we get a president who is capable of being a leader. Does anyone on God’s green earth think this would have happened if Trump were still President? You’re damn right it wouldn’t have.  

·       90 retired Generals and Admirals have signed a letter demanding the resignations of Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Milley. I can’t believe they are still in place. Like most Americans, I am beyond rage at President Biden’s handling of this mess. Greg Gutfeld has the apropos comment. As more and more comes out, it is painfully clear how totally ineptly our withdrawal was handled. Could we possibly have a more pathetic excuse for a Commander-In-Chief? What an embarrassment for every American! Compare and contrast these two photos. One father of a slain soldier said he checked his watch after every single casket was unloaded.

·       The Pentagon is apparently not happy that it was leaked that we had advance information on the suicide bombing that took place outside the Kabul Airport. In a telling comment, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “I am absolutely not going to speak to a press story that was informed by the unlawful disclosure of classified information and sensitive deliberations here at the Pentagon — just not going to do it.” Apparently they knew where it was going to take place, Abbey Gate, and chose not to close it.

·       You might want to consider deleting Google Chrome if privacy is a major concern.

·       Feel like telling all my Democrat friends

·       Justified Shooting or Fair Game? Shooter of Ashli Babbitt makes shocking admissions. I believe Professor Turley is right. We’ll see if the DOJ does.

·       Loose Ends #137. The new kind of late night TV is conservative Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld. Plus this week’s “you can’t make this stuff up” entry. Harvard names atheist as new University Chaplain. And North Korea take the measure of Joe Biden and reacts accordingly, starting up its plutonium-producing nuclear reactor.

·       School Boards facing pressure and some members resigning. Good[JW1] .

·       So far Lt. Col. Stuart is the only military person fired over Afghanistan.

·       Own your failure, Biden voters. Two good pieces.

The Armed Citizen. As the old saying goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.